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Top 10 Christmas Hampers for 2022

The average Australian spends an average of around $893 on gifts over the Christmas period. Many of these gifts can be a struggle to choose, and unfortunately, many go unwanted. So how can you find Christmas gifts and purchase the right present you know will be used and treasured?

One way is with a hamper selection. So read on as we present our ten best hampers for the Christmas season. 

1. Xmas Savoury Hamper

Everyone has one person at Christmas who is extremely hard to buy for. Perhaps they have everything or are particular about the food and drink they like. In these instances, our savoury hamper can be a lifesaver. 

This is one of the best selling hampers in the range. It is packed with high-quality products that provide a luxurious addition to all your holiday snacking and feasting. It is the perfect accompaniment to the festive cheeseboard with delicious crackers, quince paste, and a bottle of crisp rose. 

2. Gourmet Christmas Hamper

Of all the hampers people love in our catalogue, this one really brings a fine-dining touch. This gourmet gift is not an accompaniment to other meals and dining experiences. It is a glamour laden treat in itself. 

Many of the products are supplied by the craft Kangaroo Island. The honey-coated popcorn and crackers are both paired excellently with the Grand Shiraz. An Australian G for George capsicum tapenade will evoke a taste of the Mediterranean with a southern hemisphere twist.

3. Tea Hamper

When you purchase our tea hamper, you are buying a moment of blissful relaxation. This selection includes three perfectly paired items, best served on a warm afternoon in a quiet, peaceful location. 

The loose-leaf English breakfast is a homemade, organic blend perfect for morning and night for the traditionalist. An instant chai latte powder is ideal for anyone who needs a pick me up on the go. All of this gets wrapped up with almond and vanilla butterburst biscuits.

All our products are available for hamper delivery. In addition, they can be dropped off at the home or office for welcome stress relief. 

4. Chocolate Hamper

Everyone loves chocolate as their Christmas treat, and this hamper can suit everyone from the sweet-toothed indulgent to the chocolate aficionado. But, of course, who doesn't love sweet treats! Our company is a haven for lovers of the humble cocoa bean and we have selected these products by tasting them ourselves. 

The centrepiece is the Grounded Pleasures drinking chocolate. So thick and rich, we could not include it without the obligatory marshmallows to add texture and top off the sweetness. Two small serving cups are also included so that they can be shared with a partner. 

Should you want to relax in a hot bath or hot tub, we have also included a delicious scented candle to complete the mood. This aromatherapy item gives spiced orange, nutmeg and clove. Not only is this the perfect addition, but it also adds to the festive feeling. 

5. BBQ Gift Pack

This gift pack has just the right amount of quality goods to elevate a BBQ from good to outstanding. Short of the steak and sausages, it has everything you need for a high-end grill party. 

Tasteology pink salt and black pepper are there to add an extra level of flavour to your produce. A kitchen scrubber and cotton cloth help keep your grill clean. You can serve your meats with a cheese selection on our generously sized board. 

Other goods in the pack are optional extras, though we are sure you won't be able to resist them. Fermentalists hot sauce and chillies add real bite to your food. All of it is served with a Penfold Bin 28 dry red and caramelised onion chutney. 

6. Tan Gift Hamper for Him

You can't go wrong with this male gift hamper in tan for the classic gentleman. A delicate snack is included in the form of scorched almonds. The rest of the hamper is made of high-quality accessories such as a Hutswoods brushed metal candle, and Bare Bones watch and wallet in tan. 

7. Blood Orange Hamper

For a genuinely unique hamper experience, this blood orange hamper is an excellent choice. The piquant citrus fruit takes centre stage in a range of products from delicious meringue bites to dried orange themselves. It is also great for anyone who is teetotal, harbouring delicious non-alcoholic spirits and sodas. 

8. Gourmet Cooking Hamper

This is a great way to fill the larder of the foodie chef in your life. Every item has been selected for its usefulness in the kitchen. Unlike standard ingredients, you can expect luxury taste on each one, from the Random Harvest caramelised balsamic to the Fundamentalists hot sauce. 

9. Family Xmas Gift Hamper

Although we named this the family hamper, it was kind of designed with adults in mind. This is meant to bring your group together, be it cousins, aunts, uncles or just family friends. Sit down for a drink of the delightful Chandon champagne spritz and delight in wild orange ganache. 

10. Self Care Gift Hamper

This self-care hamper is the ideal way to relax. It is perfect for the home or as a gift pack for those who like to travel in style. It will revitalise your morning routine by featuring botanical mouthwashes, bamboo toothbrushes and mint toothpaste with floss. 

Ordering the Best Hampers

Now you know the best hampers, order in advance for the coming Christmas. Xmas Hamper delivery is extremely low cost, and by ordering in advance, you guarantee your gift. It also gives you immense peace of mind when the time comes. Many of our hampers include free delivery, have the option of an accompanying gift card and are delivered in our high-quality gift box.

Fruitful Hampers has an even more comprehensive selection for all occasions. We go beyond the Christmas festive season and cater for corporate gifts, corporate branding or more personal gifts. Click here to see our range of gift hampers for all occasions.