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Champagne & Sparkling Hampers

Fruitful Hampers offer our sophisticated customers an excellent champagne and sparkling wine hampers collection. So whether you are celebrating a special event, birthday, marriage proposal, or getting a gift for a friend who loves Moet Chandon champagne, you'll find all you're looking for with us.

Browse through this page to find the perfect champagne gift hamper for your special occasions. These gift hampers are great for celebrations, such as weddings, graduation, birthdays, mother's day and work promotions. In addition to champagne and sparkling wine, these gift hampers include treats that make them great for pampering a loved one on your special occasion.


A Perfect Celebration with a Champagne Hamper

There are plenty of ways to celebrate a special occasion, and most often than not, we do it with a glass of champagne or sparkling wine in our hands. Celebrating with the act of toasting is a tradition and fun experience that can't be missed on any occasion. Of course, it is important in any celebration symbolically, but the delightful taste of Chandon sparkling chardonnay keeps people coming back again and again. We have plenty of champagne hampers with the best champagnes and sparkling wines in Australia. Rest assured that our sparkling wines are only the top brands and champagnes from the best champagne house. Our team curated them carefully to ensure your celebratory experience will be fun and full of the finer things our champagne gift hampers offer.

Sparkling Wine and Champagne Hampers for All Occasions

Are you looking for a champagne hamper that will impress and meaningfully convey your congratulations to a friend? Or perhaps, you are looking for a gift that suits your friend or family member with a refined taste and can recognise high-class champagne from a top champagne house or sparkling wine? Or a quality gift hamper for a marriage proposal? In that case, our champagne and sparkling hampers are perfect for you. From the moment your recipient takes delivery of our beautifully presented champagne delivery, they will feel that little luxury creeping into their life. In addition, the delicious sweet sparkling white wine in a stunning gift box is sure to impress. Each of the champagne hampers in our collection is designed to delight you and your recipient with the perfect balance of gourmet treats and quality champagne. They are premium quality hampers with champagne, fruits, chocolates, and other delicious gourmet food. Moreover, we have a variety of different champagne and sparkling wine gift sets to cater for a variety of price ranges that suit different budgets and occasions. Order your next champagne gift delivery from Fruitful Hampers.


Champagne gift hampers

When you get one of our champagne gift sets delivered, you know you are getting high-quality products. We make our gift hampers affordable without sacrificing quality. Our champagne hampers include:

Chandon Champagne

Chandon brut imperial champagne

Chandon sparkling chardonnay

Moët Chandon

Veuve Clicquot

We have only the best items in our champagne gift boxes, ensuring whoever you give them to will love your gift. Our champagne and sparkling hampers include products like candles, bath salts, and chocolates from brands such as:



Loco Love

Coco 88

Miss Dior

Silk and Soleil and more

Gourmet gifts

Birthday Champagne Basket

Champagne hampers are ideal gifts for any occasion, and that includes a milestone birthday or a special birthday. So if you are looking for a milestone birthday hamper or are in trouble because you can't think of the best gift for the birthday of someone close to you, our sparkling wine gifts can save the day. With our free delivery Australia wide, your loved one can receive our beautiful gifts quickly.

Get them with one of our luxury sparkling wine or champagne gifts with treats like strawberries for their birthday, and we're sure you can get a big smile in return. A champagne hamper really is the best birthday gift hamper.

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Father's Day Champagne Hampers

It's Father's Day, and you want to show your dad how much you appreciate him. In that case, how about a Father's Day champagne hamper?

We are confident your father will love a gift box with a Moet Chandon Brut Imperial or a Chandon Garden Spritz Sparkling Wine. Both are premium champagnes perfect for a luxurious Father's Day celebration. Match it with some savoury treats or sweet treats to match your dad's taste. Our gift baskets are sure to make dads day.

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Wedding Champagne Gift Boxes

A good bottle of sparkling wine is a fantastic wedding gift. They are presented in a high-quality gift box, wrapped with a beautiful ribbon. All you need to do is add a personal message.

So what better way to celebrate a new marriage than to allow a quiet evening with Moët Chandon champagne? Fruitful Hampers have an excellent collection of wine gift hampers you can choose from. With Australia wide delivery, you can't go wrong.

Anniversary Gift Sets

Anniversary Champagne Gift Sets

It's a special date, and you want it to be memorable. So how can you do that? Take her out to a fancy restaurant, and give her an anniversary gift hamper from our champagne and sparkling hampers collection. Its the perfect celebration gift hamper for your special occasion.

Choose a bottle of Veuve Clicquot for the luxury, combine it with gourmet food and enjoy each other's company.

Corporate Gift Set With Champagne

Did a colleague of yours recently get promoted, or will a VIP client attend an event? It would be best to have the perfect corporate gift for this special occasion. You can find excellent corporate champagne gifts at Fruitful Hampers. So take your pick from our collection for the best champagne celebration gift. Our corporate hampers not only have a great range but can be customised with your corporate branding. Contact us to discuss your corporate hamper needs.

Valentine's Day Champagne Chocolate Hamper

Valentine's day is one of the essential events couples celebrate. It's a day to show your love more than you usually do, so expect gifts. Of course, chocolates are a staple, but what if you take them to a higher level with a champagne and chocolate hamper? If your date loves alcohol and chocolate, they will appreciate our wine hampers. Our wine gift hampers contain sweet treats, gourmet treats, chardonnay, Moet Chandon, Veuve Clicquot. The gift baskets are filled with goodies our customers love and suitable for your special occasion.

Christmas Hampers with Champagne

Christmas is possibly the biggest holiday of the year with the family enjoying each other's company and the fun of gift-giving. Christmas hampers are, without a doubt, one of the best gifts you can give. So, why not get your Christmas hampers delivered from Fruitful Hampers? Our Christmas champagne hamper contains beautiful champagnes and gourmet treats. We can have them sent to your home anywhere in Australia with free delivery.

How to Choose a Champagne Gift Box

Seeing the wide range of sparkling wine and champagne gifts in our collection, you may have difficulty deciding which one to pick. Our advice is always to select the celebration gift you believe your recipient will like. From Chandon brut, Moet Chandon, to Veuve Clicquot, we have a celebration gift to suit your budget and celebration. No matter what occasion it is, the easiest way to make them happy is a celebration gift they enjoy. What if you know what they like but still have no idea which champagne hamper to get, though? In that case, we encourage you to call us and discuss it with our team. Our team has experts on everything wine and food, so we believe they can help. So reach out to us and pick up some tips from experts on choosing the perfect champagne gift box. Our sparkling wine and champagne concierge can advise which sparkling wine and champagne are ideal for weddings. In addition, they can help you pick whether to get a sparkling wine hamper with chocolates or fruits. Fruitful Hampers want you to have a positive experience in buying from us. With that said, we are always ready to assist you in any way we can with your gift selection.

Storing Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Store in a Wine Chiller or Cellar

There is one thing we want you to keep in mind here – after you receive your champagne delivery, how to store the champagne and sparkling wine gifts properly. Champagne and sparkling wine are different from other liquors. They must not be stored at room temperature or will age more quickly.

Don't forget to store the sparkling wines and champagne in a wine chiller or a cellar. If you are giving it as a gift, remember to tell the recipient to store it correctly. Besides a basement or a wine chiller, they may store the champagne in the refrigerator. However, keep in mind that the temperature must be between 7c to 12c. It doesn't matter if it's Chandon Brut, Moet Chandon, or Chardonnay. Storing your wine correctly ensures its longevity.

Proper Humidity

If the sparkling wine or champagne has a cork, make sure you store it on its side. Moreover, the humidity must be above 70%. This amount of moisture will preserve the cork's density and flexibility. If the cork dries out because of high temperatures and low humidity, it can lead to oxygen exposure and cause rapid transformation of the liquor.


The quality of sparkling wine and champagne is affected by light, making it essential to keep bottles in darkness. Exposure to sunlight can damage sparkling wine, particularly champagne. Transparent bottles need extra care. Light passes easily in bottles like these, negatively affecting liquor.

Get your Sparkling Wine or Champagne gift delivery at Fruitful Hampers

Are you ready to get the perfect gift? Check out all the champagne and sparkling wine hampers we have today. They are incredible gift baskets that can make anyone happy and appreciate that you thought of them. Whether it's a corporate gift or a personal gift to someone you love, our sparkling wine gift baskets are a luxury.

The luscious vineyards of France are now closer to Australia than ever before.

A luxurious bottle of bubbly as a gift is enough to make anyone feel how much thought you’ve put into the act of gift giving. Imagine it mixed in a bespoke box with other products, curated for the most sophisticated person you know. When you want to impress, this collection of gifts for her and gifts for men is the most luxurious way of doing it. Imagine your recipient in mind opening up a bespoke box, welcomed by the neatly arranged set of products that open up blissful experiences in their minds as they go through them one by one.  The magic continues as they hold in their hands a beverage from world-renowned brands, Moët & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot. A lovely surprise indeed. Each generous gift box holds curated products made to transform any occasion into something more spectacular.

This momentous experience is now ready for delivery. All you have to do now is pick one or two from the collection. Your recipient in mind will be blown away with any of them.

Are you looking for champagne gift baskets? Look no further, we have the best cheap champagne hamper and value champagne hamper range you will find. View our champagne hamper range today.

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How can I send champagne to someone in Australia?

Our Sparkling Wine & Champagne Delivery is quick. We dispatch your hamper within 3 days via courier. So you can rest assured your delivery is on its way quickly.

Can you gift champagne?

Absolutely. Champagne can be delivered to your chosen recipient. Just browse our collection, choose your favourite hamper and checkout.

Is champagne a good birthday gift?

Yes, champagne can be used as gifts for someone who loves champagne. A bottle of fizz can always be a good celebration for your friends & families.

We have non-alcoholic versions available.

Can you send champagne overseas?

We do not offer international shipping.

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