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Sparkling Wine Gift Basket: 5 Best Champagne Hampers

It seems that we have become a nation of bottle poppers in the last few years. Whereas champagne sales declined in other countries, they increased by 11.2% in Australia

Champagne represents a sense of luxury for special occasions. But, when we receive the same bottles of champagne in celebration, it loses its charm. So, how can you make your champagne present stand out from the crowd?

The answer is by purchasing it as a wine gift basket. You'll receive your champagne with a selection of other beautifully wrapped and presented gifts. Of course, the recipient will adore such a special gift.

Knowing the best one for your occasion can be a challenge with so many wine gift baskets on the market. You can trawl through hundreds of gift baskets with wine without the foggiest idea of whether it will match your event or not.

But don't panic because we're here to help. So, read on if you want to know which champagne hampers you should consider for every occasion in Australia. 

1. Best for New Parents

After nine months of no drinking, the new mother and father will be keen to celebrate their baby's arrival in style. Friends and family will already be inundating them with baby gifts. So, instead, buy them a wine gift basket that they can share.

The Chandon Celebration Gift Hamper includes champagne with dried lime for accompaniment. You'll also find chocolates, artisan crackers, and popcorn inside the hamper. So celebrate together before the long sleepless nights with their newborn start. 

Chandon was founded in 1743, and this bottle includes a mixture of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier grapes from across Victoria. The taste is light and refreshing with lemon, apple, and hints of nougat.

2. Best for Lovers

Don't fall into thinking that Valentine's Day Hampers are only suitable on Valentine's Day. These excellent wine gift baskets make fantastic gifts that show you care for birthdays and anniversaries. Each valentines hamper includes a different bottle from either Moet, Veuve, or Chandon.

They also have an exclusive Australian-made Coco 88 chocolate heart. These smashable 100% milk chocolate hearts hold an array of delicious treats. So, break into your Coco love heart together and see what's inside.

Some of the valentines wine gift baskets include an artisanal hand-crafted Hutwood cedar leaf and vanilla candle. They make it from only natural soy wax and wood wicks. It has soft undertones of peppermint and musk, ideal for setting the mood. 

3. Best for Your Eco-Friend

Nothing says you care more than considering your friend's values when buying them a gift. The Moet Loco Hamper is for friends who are mindful and care for the environment.

This luxurious hamper includes nine stunning chocolates from the creators of Loco Love. Using plant-based and whole-food ingredients, they claim to put a little bit of magic into each delectable chocolate. 

Team this taste sensation with Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial for the perfect wine gift basket. They are the world's leading champagne producers and have received double sustainable viticulture certifications.

In 2020 they became 100% herbicide-free, so your eco-friend and you can enjoy it with peace of mind.  

4. Best for Self-Pampering

Practice self-love with a calming bath and a glass of Chandon Sparkling Rose. The Her Rose Hamper includes patchouli and lavender-infused Hutwoods Bath salts. Run your bath and sprinkle the salts to relax and unwind your body, mind and soul.

Hutwoods launched in Sydney in 2013, and they have already won our hearts with their calming products. You'll find the popular Hutwood strawberries and champagne candle inside your hamper. Light it during your bath, and then enjoy the two chocolate sets from your hamper afterwards.

The Her Rose Hamper includes strawberry and cream white Belgian chocolates with a surprise sweet liquorice core. In contrast, the Loco Love Wild Orange Ganache chocolates are tangy and delicious. Don't be surprised if you eat them all at once; they taste that good. 

5. Best for Splashing the Cash

For that special someone in your life, be it a friend, sister, or mother, the Her Luxury Hamper is the ultimate wine gift hamper. This luxurious treat includes the Hutwoods strawberry and champagne candle, bath salts and a 200ml reed diffuser.

The unique blend of essential oils will calm her well beyond the relaxing bath and glass of bubbly. The soft and sweet tones will fragrance the room for at least six months.

Loco Love Wild Orange Ganache chocolates are a firm favourite in this box, but we also include Whisk and Pin Dark Chocolate Oranges. The dried orange pieces are dipped into 100% dark Belgian chocolate.

Whisk and Pin are a gourmet food company that make their creations in the Blue Mountains. These chocolates look, smell and taste divine.

This designer hamper also includes hand and body cream from the luxury brand OP Therapy. The secret to OP Therapy's success is the use of Emu oil. Indigenous Australian communities have used emu oil for its healing, calming and moisturising properties for generations. 

Memorable Wine Gift Baskets for Every Occasion

Our experts have chosen these five wine gift baskets, so they guarantee to bring a smile to your recipient's face. The champagne hampers contain only the best gifts, from luxury cosmetics to artisan chocolates.

Each hamper is hand-wrapped and delivered to your recipient with a gift card. This year, show someone how much you care with luxury champagne hampers.

These are just five of the best wine gift baskets, so check out our full range of hampers online. Then, purchase yours today and give them a gift that they won't forget.