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A Sparkling Guide to Giving Champagne for Mother’s Day

Believe it or not, mother's day is celebrated in over 50 countries worldwide. 

The day is set aside to respect and honour mothers, including their sacrifices and special bond with children. Traditional gifts include things like flowers, candy, and jewellery.

Unlike other gift options, champagne for mother's day can spell a night of relaxation and indulgence. The right bottle of bubbly will let your mum know that you appreciate her and she deserves an evening off.

Here's what you need to know about finding good champagne for the woman who made it possible.

Why Champagne?

A bottle of champagne or a champagne hamper that arrives beautifully wrapped with chocolates and a goblet is a lovely alternative to the traditional gift. Having it delivered is another fantastic way to surprise your mum with something stunning.

Like other types of wine, moderate champagne drinking is good for the heart. It contains antioxidants that can help prevent damage to your blood vessels and lower your risk of heart attacks and stroke. In addition, a little champagne can boost her mood and improve her short-term memory with fewer calories than both red and white wine.

Champagne has to be aged for at least 15 months to gain its unique texture and flavour. It's made from three hand-picked grape varieties.

A glass of champagne pairs well with anything from fish to french fries to chocolate. After it's opened, your mum can store it in the fridge for at least five days and enjoy it again. If you want to give something extraordinary for mother's day, you've got to find the right bottle of champagne.

Types of Champagne

One popular champagne type is Veuve Cliquot, developed in the late 1700s in Reims. It's known for its rich, toasty flavours. Your mum will also notice notes of fruit and a silky texture.

Veuve champagne is classically styled, with two-thirds black grapes that provide plenty of body and one-third Chardonnay which adds sparkle and elegance. It's aged for thirty-six months for maximum flavour.

Veuve Clicquot pairs beautifully with oysters, white meat, and aged cheese. If your mum is having some company for dinner or just looking for a special evening in, she will appreciate having a glass on hand.

Another popular wine type is Moet & Chandon, which comes from the largest champagne house in the world. Like Veuve Cliquot, it dates back to eighteenth-century France. 

Moet is made from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier grapes. They are gathered from parcels in hundreds of villages in France's Champagne region. It's known for its fruity and nutty flavour.

Moet pairs nicely with many food options, including seafood, mixed salads, or fresh fruit. It will even work well with richer meals like dumplings or pasta. The texture is both tender and crispy.

Extra Zest

If your mum appreciates something with additional flavour, she might like Chandon Spritz, which includes extracts from orange peels, herbs, and spices. It's a lovely accompaniment to aged cheese, sushi, and dried fruits and nuts.

And if your mother loves her drink to have a bit of colour, she won't want to miss out on Chandon Rose. It displays a gorgeous shade of pink once poured into a glass. While she sips, she will notice strawberry, watermelon, and cherry hints.

She can pair Chandon Rose with her favourite pasta, tapas, or charcuterie. Then, if she wants to sample some for dessert, she can try it with peaches and ice cream or a fresh fruit sorbet. 

Another lovely hamper to present for mother's day includes Prosecco. This has its origins in northeastern Italy and gets made from Prosecco grapes.

Prosecco boasts floral flavours, plenty of bubbles, and a slight acidity. It will pair well with cured meats, fruits, seafood, and your mum's favourite Thai dish.

Another twist on Prosecco's look and style is Prosecco Rose wine. It uses Glera grapes to give the wine a beautiful rose hue and extra body.  Prosecco rose pairs well with sweet or spicy dishes, like chocolate, risotto, or barbeque. 

Building Your Hamper

Many champagne hampers come with their own accompaniments and can be delivered right to your mother's doorstep. These may include one or two wine glasses, which lets her know that she can just open the box and enjoy. 

The hamper may also come with things like bath salts or candles. This lets her know that she is free to indulge in a night of luxury.

Taking a bath can help stress relief and increase mum's sense of happiness and well-being. It can also serve to improve immunity and help her breathe better. So if you want your mum to know you care, send a champagne hamper with some of her favourite bath accompaniments.

Your hamper may also include things like chocolate-covered cherries and come elegantly wrapped. This encourages an indulgent night indoors like no other.

Maybe you are a busy professional who simply wants to take the time to show your mum she matters. Then, find a champagne hamper with everything you need and have it sent right to that special lady.

Champagne For Mother's Day

If you're looking to give your mother, wife, or girlfriend the very best, think about gifting her with champagne for mother's day. She will be thinking of you while she sips and relaxes.

Don't stop getting thoughtful about champagne gifts now. For fantastic champagne hamper options, contact us today.