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7 Simple Ways to Spoil Him

Do you consider yourself a master gift-giver? Are you coming up empty with ideas for spoiling your other half?

When it comes to gift-giving, our minds jump straight to products for women. Valentine's Day Christmas they're all very women-centric. Gifting something thoughtful and unique feels like it's getting harder to do - but we're here to help make it an easy, enjoyable process.

Are you looking for a fresh way to show the man in your life your love and appreciation aside from the usual socks and beer? Do you want to give gifts he'll never forget?

This article will give you a new perspective on how to spoil him, walking you through some unique gift ideas.

7 Ways to Spoil Him

So, you want to go above and beyond for the most important man in your life. You're looking for inspiration that'll remind him exactly why you're perfect for each other. That's where Fruitful Hampers comes in - with stellar products and brilliant ideas.

1. Get Involved in His Hobbies

Does he love to game? Is he an avid painter? Are sports important to him?

We don't have to have everything in common with our partners - but try showing interest in something he loves, even if you're not particularly interested in it. It's something to do together, and he'll recognise and appreciate that you want to do what he likes.

If you know what he loves to do, you can always find a cheap, fun way to join in. For example, if he's into movies, set up a moody atmosphere complete with snacks and drinks for when he gets home. If he loves art, buy some cheap paints and canvases and suggest painting together - you could even try body art, which is fun and intimate!

2. Write Him Love Notes

Everyone loves little love notes. Whether it's a text, a post-it on the bathroom mirror in the morning or a little card slipped into his work bag.

You could make your note funny, romantic or sexy. You could remind him of a funny memory you share, tell a little story, list all the quirky things you love about him or just settle on a simple I love you.

If you've got a particularly romantic song that reminds you of him, send him the link and ask him to listen to it on his lunch break!

3. Pamper Him

Men deserve to pamper too! A pamper night doesn't always have to be girly. Make it something you enjoy doing together, and carve out one mindfulness and wellbeing evening a month.

There are so many ways you can pamper your partner.

Is his beard a source of pride? If so, a luxury beard essentials hamper might be the perfect gift. It's all about self-care and taking pride in your appearance.

Or maybe you want to do a pamper evening together. An indulgent pamper hamper for him will make him that much more excited for a pamper evening - something that requires both of you to switch the outside world off for a few hours and focus on each other.

4. Support Him Emotionally

We need to break the stigma that men aren't emotional creatures. Spoiling him doesn't always have to look like gifts - take an interest in his day, express empathy when he's struggling with issues at work, encourage him to talk through what he feels so you can get to the root of it.

Treat him with gentleness, too - cuddles, gentle encouragement, telling him you're proud of him.

5. Have a Drink Together

Having the time to sit down and genuinely enjoy a drink together is rare for working couples. We take time together for granted.

If you both like a drink now and then, pick an evening and tell him to keep it free. String up some fairy lights, light some candles, order a takeaway you both love, or even cook something fresh.

Make it romantic and cosy, set your whiskey hamper up on the table, and wait for him to get home.

6. Plan an Adventure

Everyone loves an adventure! Whether your partner is exceptionally adventurous or a little more reserved, don't be afraid to push him a little out of his comfort zone - that's how you build memories that last.

Here are some of our favourite adventure ideas for couples:

  • Staying the night in a haunted house or doing a ghost trail
  • Road trip
  • Visiting weird and wacky places that fly under the radar
  • Searching for sea glass and fossils on the beach
  • Kayaking or sailing out to small islands
  • Cook something a little different together - have you ever tried escargot?
  • Plan something but blindfold him on the way there
  • Take part in a zombie apocalypse experience
  • Paintball or laser tag

7. Plan Your Next Date Night

If your partner is always the one making plans for your dates, don't be afraid to take the reins. Your ideas and influence will undoubtedly mix it up and add some newness to your relationship.

Plan around the atmosphere you want to create.

Want to create a sexy mood? Plan something cheeky like a life drawing class with each other or personal photography.

Are you looking for some fun and excitement? Plan something he's not expecting. Take him to an indoor snowboarding ramp, a zero-gravity centre or competitive go-karting!

Want to woo him? Go the whole way. Buy him flowers, give him a little gift, plan an entire night - may be an activity like clay modelling, followed by a candlelit dinner, then a scenic walk to finish the evening.

Share the Romantic Responsibility

One of the most important things to remember when trying to spoil him is to keep his personality in mind. Remind yourself of what he likes, the things he enjoys, and how far outside your comfort zone you can push him without making him uncomfortable.

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