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Fruit-based Gift Guide for 2022

Are you looking for a thoughtful, timeless gift for any season or occasion?

Does the vast selection of options and varieties some brands offer overwhelm you?

Whether you're celebrating a birthday or anniversary, welcoming friends into their new home or saying goodbye to a colleague, this gift guide article will help you choose that perfect gift.

Who Is Receiving the Gift?

Consider this article your step-by-step fruit gift guide to help you figure out which hamper to choose. But, of course, the first, most important thing to consider is: who will receive this?

Building A Gift Profile

Let's build a gift profile. Visualise the recipient in your mind - which kind of fruit hamper gift will make their face light up in a smile?

Asking yourself these questions will help you narrow down which options from our fruit hamper collections are suitable:

  • What are they like
  • What do they like
  • What don't they like or are allergic to
  • How old are they
  • What are they celebrating

Knowing the answers to these questions will make your gift to them that much more personal. It will touch them that you've taken so much time to consider what they'd like!

Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Options

We recognise that not everyone drinks. We also know that some people's idea of the perfect evening consists of fresh fruit and a full-bodied glass of wine.

Some businesses sell bundles or hampers that always include a small bottle of wine or champagne. In addition, we have several fruit baskets available, with and without alcoholic options, so that you're never giving someone a gift they won't be able to use.

What's the Occasion?

The second step to giving the perfect gift: knowing the occasion.

Because fruit hampers are so versatile, we like to think that with a bit of customisation, they're the gift for every occasion!


Are you looking for a thoughtful present for your Valentine? With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we urge you to think outside the box - by thinking inside the box!

Buying a Fruit Hamper for Her?

Don't go with another generic box of chocolates or 'I love you' teddy bear if she already has five. Instead, give her a gift that shows her you've thought about her by getting a gift that is vibrantly colourful, beautiful and delectable - like our Fruit & Chocolate hamper!

Buying a Fruit Hamper for Him?

Valentines Day is always tailored to the women - but we think it should be a day both men and women can enjoy and look forward to receiving gifts they'll love from their partners.

How about our Fruit & Nut hamper? We are healthy delicious and even offer Valentine's cards with classic designs.

New Home

This wouldn't be the best gift guide to choosing presents for celebratory occasions if we didn't include one of the most overlooked lifetime achievements...

If you have friends or family who've recently moved into a new home, we just know they'll appreciate a fruit basket as a housewarming gift.

Moving into a new home can be a very stressful, busy time. People from every direction are sending you flowers chocolates, and you end up with so many motivational quote posters that you don't have enough walls to hang them on!

A Fruit & Wine hamper might be the breath of calm they need and something they can enjoy during a quiet evening.

With our wine hampers, you can choose from 2 flavourful options: a Sauvignon Blanc White or a 2019 Grand Barossa Shiraz Red.


As we get older, buying birthday presents becomes harder.

What do you buy someone who has the money to buy the things they want? How do you know they'll appreciate what you buy? And what on earth do you write on their birthday card?!

There's a simple solution to this: buy them something they'd never buy themselves - and it's a pretty safe bet that they'd never buy themselves a fruit hamper!

Whether you want to add a bottle of wine, a packet of nuts, or a bar of deluxe chocolate, the fruit in our hampers is hand-picked for freshness and tastiness. They make the perfect gift.


Our guide to gifting fruit wouldn't be complete without adding a section for Christmas - the popular winter holiday that, for Australians, is celebrated in the summer.

Just like buying birthday gifts, buying Christmas gifts gets more complicated as the years add up. We look for something classy and thoughtful but doesn't sacrifice fun - and finding that perfect gift can be challenging!

At Fruitful Hampers, we understand the struggle - that's why we've built hampers entirely dedicated to the season.

All our fruit is sourced from farmers who take pride in the high quality of their produce - and we only stock our hampers with the freshest fruit.

We have two Christmas hampers for sale around the season.

The Xmas Cherry Gift Hamper - this hamper is filled with bright, sweet red cherries, which are in the prime of their life, having been harvested in December. It comes with a bottle of Moet 750ml. We pride ourselves on this hamper - it's quintessentially Christmassy but sets itself apart from other, more generic Christmas hampers on the market.

The Xmas Red Hamper - this one consists of a box filled to the brim with juicy red grapes, which our Sydney customers love, accompanied by a bottle of Penfolds Bin 28. If you have colleagues you want to show your appreciation to, we think this is the best fruit hamper to choose.


Why not get your hamper delivered? We offer fast, efficient fruit delivery in Sydney for all of our signature fruit gift baskets.

Because of the nature of our fruit hampers, getting your gifts delivered to you or the recipients swiftly is at the top of our priority list. A fast delivery time not only preserves freshness but protects the longevity of the natural vitamins found in fresh produce.

All of our hampers come beautifully packaged and prepared with padding and a sleek white box.

Fruit Hampers: The Perfect Gift

After reading this gift guide, you should be confident in the knowledge that fruit hampers are a brilliant gift for every occasion.

If you haven't already, come and browse our selection of fruit hampers and make someone's day with a healthy, thoughtful gift.