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Why Fruit is the Perfect Healthy Settlement Gift?

As a real estate agent, you know that marketing yourself and building a respected brand is essential to your business. But do you know just how vital it is?

80% of real estate and broker transactions come from clients that were referrals.

One surefire way to get your clients talking to their friends, neighbours and colleagues about you and your service is to give them a thoughtful closing gift.

Fruitful Hampers offers some of the best choices for settlement gifts in Sydney that'll have new clients knocking down your door to buy or sell with you.

Interested? Read on!

Why Gift A Fruit Hamper?

After you've closed, you've got one more chance to leave a lasting impression in your client's mind - we're here to make sure it's a positive one.

While some real estate agents already recognise the benefit of closing gifts after helping clients buy or sell their property, they often go about it all wrong and don't manage to retain the client.

You could end up offending them or buying them something that they won't use or appreciate. For example, many real estate agents buy a bottle of wine or champagne without checking if their clients drink.

Let's dive into why fruit hampers are the reliable settlement gifts clients actually like.

Easy to Share

What's the first thing your clients will do in their lovely new home?

They'll have their friends and family around, of course!

A fresh fruit basket is easy to share and snack on - and there's no doubt it'll get offered around to the new homeowner's guests. Likewise, a colourful and eye-catching basket of fruit and gift card will get noticed in the middle of a table or island in a new home, where there won't be much else to look at. This also opens up streams of dialogue that'll benefit you:

"This looks fancy! Where did you buy this fruit hamper?"

"I didn't - it was a settlement gift hamper from our real estate agent to welcome us to our new home."

"Really? That's very thoughtful. What's their number? I've been thinking about selling my property..."

You get the idea - your gift doesn't just have an impact when you give it - it's making ripples that you don't even know are happening. In addition, it can help you keep after-sale contact that may lead to new clients. It's the perfect gift!


For some people, gift-giving is agony. There are many moving parts to buying a gift - what to get and for who, how much to spend, where to get it from...

One of the most significant benefits to Fruitful Hampers is that it's done for you, from start to finish - you can even get your settlement gifts delivered.

You don't even have to touch it, but that doesn't take anything away from the thoughtfulness of the gift itself. Choosing your gift through us is a 3-minute simple, straightforward process.

Healthy & Beautiful

Fruit hampers are healthy settlement gifts your clients will truly appreciate. It's easy to go and buy a box of supermarket chocolates or some gourmet food, but fresh seasonal fruit says, 'I care that this gift is going to do you good.' The fruit used in our hampers is only the highest quality, sourced from suppliers we know care as much as we do.

Our hampers are also bold, colourful and bright, displayed in a high-quality white gift box that makes the fruit stand out.

Only the richest and most well-connected people could afford fresh fruit throughout history. Yet, even then, we knew the medical benefits of eating fruit packed with essential vitamins. Because of this, the act of giving fresh fruit as a gift was seen as one of the highest forms of respect. 

A Variety of Options

As a real estate agent, you'll have spent months with your clients. As a result, you may have learnt about their personal preferences, likes and dislikes.

As we've touched upon - your clients may or may not drink. If you know they do, they might appreciate a hamper of fruit with a bottle of wine. But, we also know many people don't drink for various reasons - so we have plenty of non-alcoholic settlement gifts for you to choose from.

We also offer bundle hampers - so if you know your client doesn't like chocolate but loves nuts, you might want to order them a Fruit & Nuts hamper. They'll appreciate the thoughtfulness and that you remembered such a small and seemingly insignificant detail.

Settlement Gifts in Sydney: Fast Delivery

How you want to present your clients with their personalised gift is up to you!

You could send it to yourself and hand-deliver it to your clients to give them the gift for a personal touch. Or, you could have it delivered to them directly a day or two after they've settled in. Either way, we offer a fast dispatch and delivery service that hits the mark.

We even offer cards you can add to your order - a few kind words, reiterating that you're there if they need anything, will mean a lot. The card might even sit on their mantelpiece with their other new home cards for a while, reminding them each time they see it of you and your consideration.

(Please note that due to COVID, we're only able to offer Sydney Metro deliveries - but as soon as we can, we'll be back to delivering Australia-wide. So if you're wondering if we can deliver to your area, we welcome you to get in contact.)


According to the Australian Taxation Office, business client gifts of over $2 are tax-deductible - so you may even be able to claim on the gifts you purchase.

(Please note we don't offer official tax or legal advice - consult the link and further advisors for more information about what tax deductions you are entitled to.)

Give a Thoughtful Settlement Gift

We know that real estate isn't just a job, and you aren't just helping people buy and sell houses. Giving a thoughtful, fresh fruit gift proves to your clients that you value your professional relationship and value them as people.

So, if you're looking for real estate settlement gifts in Sydney that'll make you stand out from your competition and keep the clients coming in through referrals, browse our range of fresh fruit hampers and send your client one today.