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Send a Gourmet Basket to Your Loved One

Although Australia has relaxed its pandemic lockdown regulations, many people still choose to social distance themselves. As such, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other events remains challenging.

But you don't necessarily need to visit your loved ones in person to express your gratitude and goodwill. Sending gourmet gift hampers could be an ideal alternative and one that your friends and family dearly appreciate.

Read on to learn why you might want to send a gourmet gift basket to your loved one today!

Why Choose Gourmet Gift Baskets?

Whether you'd like to wish someone a happy birthday or say thank you, a gourmet gift basket can do the trick. That's because there are dozens of hampers from which to choose, each designed with specific preferences in mind.

Receiving one of these top-notch hampers can brighten anyone's day, and they're an ideal gift for people who are notoriously difficult to buy for. So let's take a moment to explore the many types of gourmet hampers to illustrate why they're a great gift option. 

Types of Gift Hampers

No two people have identical tastes and preferences, and Fruitful Hampers understands this. That's why we offer three types of gift hampers:

  • Food gift baskets
  • Alcohol gift baskets
  • Baby gift baskets

Nearly anyone can enjoy a gourmet food hamper, and there are multiple types from which to choose. For example, some food baskets contain lots of sweets while others are full of savoury snacks.

Alcohol gift hampers are best-suited to adults, wine lovers, and those celebrating an anniversary. Fruitful Hampers also offers champagne baskets for special events and loved ones with discerning tastes.

But new or expecting mums might prefer baby gift baskets. These come with practical items like nappy cream, body lotion, swaddle blankets, and infant-friendly body wash. 

And when you shop from Fruitful Hampers, you can select themed gourmet gift baskets. You can choose curated hampers to say thank you, wish someone well, or congratulate a loved one on moving house. 

Unsure which option might be right for you or your special someone? Let's take a moment to explore each option to help you select the best possible gourmet gift hamper.

Food Gift Baskets

Just looking at a food gift basket can make your stomach rumble! Whether you're a fan of fresh fruit, gourmet chocolate, or artisanal snacks, there's a gift basket to suit your tastes.  

These baskets could be the perfect gift for anyone, but you'll likely need to choose from the top types of food hampers, which include: 

  • Fruit gift hampers
  • Sweet gift hampers
  • Savoury gift hampers

Fruit Gift Hampers

Those living in rural areas and small towns might have limited access to fresh fruit. But you can bring a smile to their face by sending a fruit gift hamper filled to the brim with grapes, bananas, pears, cherries, lemons, and more.

Some fruit gift baskets also come with nuts, chocolates, and wine. As such, you can select a fruit-based hamper that suits your loved one's unique tastes and preferences.

Sweet Gift Hampers

Though fresh fruit is often sweet and tangy, nothing quite beats the luxurious taste of fine chocolate. So treat your sweet-toothed loved one to a sweet gift hamper that's full of sweet treats like melt-in-your-mouth chocolates and chocolate-covered licorice bites.

Savoury Gift Hampers

Some folks need to watch their sugar intake, and others may gravitate toward salty and savoury snacks instead. As such, you might want to treat your loved one to a delectable gift hamper that comes with olives, water crackers, and gourmet spreads.

If you're feeling particularly generous, you can choose a gourmet savoury basket that comes with a refined bottle of wine!

Alcohol Gift Baskets

Though gourmet food hampers are suitable for most, you might want to opt for an alcohol-based gift basket instead. Adults, couples, and wine lovers are bound to appreciate a surprise bottle of bubbly or a rich red wine.

Fruitful Hampers offers two essential types of alcohol gift baskets:

  • Wine gift hampers, and
  • Champagne gift hampers

The better option for your loved ones depends on their preferences and the event. For example, wine gift baskets are a fantastic choice for parents and wine connoisseurs. But a champagne gift basket could be an excellent choice to celebrate anniversaries, engagements, or weddings. 

Wine Gift Hampers

Does your loved one typically enjoy a glass of fine wine with their meals? If so, you could make their day by sending them a gourmet wine hamper.

Notably, these hampers are incredibly diverse. For example, fruitful Hampers offers risotto-and-wine gift baskets, fruit-and-wine gift baskets, and For Him wine gift baskets.

You can also choose wine-focused hampers that come with gourmet artisanal snacks like tapenade, wheat crackers, and honey-covered popcorn. As such, a wine gift basket might be the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys fine wine and sumptuous snacks.

Champagne Gift Hampers

Champagne gift hampers are an attractive choice for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or engagements. They can also brighten Christmas celebrations!

You can also choose For Her champagne hampers that contain candles, bath salts, and chocolate. This comprehensive gift set has everything your favourite lady needs for a relaxing evening of self-pampering.

Baby Gift Baskets

If your loved one is expecting or has recently given birth, a baby gift basket could be a thoughtful and heartfelt gift. You can choose gender-specific baby hampers and hampers designed for newborns.

This diverse selection ensures that you can choose a hamper that makes your favourite mum feel loved, cherished, and appreciated. 

Sending a Gift Basket Is Easy

Once you've chosen a gourmet gift basket, Fruitful Hampers will ensure your hamper makes it to its destination safely and quickly. During the checkout process, you can even choose to add a personalised card to let your loved one know how much you care.

The best hampers in Melbourne, the best hampers in Brisbane and the best hampers in Sydney are only a click away. So, don't hesitate to browse the extensive Fruitful Hampers collection of gourmet gift baskets today.

Find the Best Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gift hampers are an excellent gift for foodies, wine lovers, and those with a sweet tooth. They can also be a thoughtful gift for new or expecting mothers.

Fruitful Hampers offers thoughtful and refined gourmet gift hampers for all occasions. Sending a gift basket via Fruitful Hampers is a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes, so be sure to browse our selection today.

Are you eager to learn more about gourmet gift baskets? If so, be sure to visit our blog today!