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The Top Gourmet Food Hamper Ideas Just for Foodies

We all have that one friend that's a complete and utter nutter about food. They know all the best wining and dining spots about town, they're an exceptional cook, and they know more about wine than the average person on the street. Perhaps this person is you? 

Whether you're looking to spoil the foodie in your life or treat yourself to the ultimate Australian gourmet basket, this blog offers all the inspiration you're looking for. 

Craft your own gourmet gift hamper with these stand-out yet straightforward ideas. 

Inspirational Ideas for the Ultimate Foodie Gift Basket 

Look, gifting someone a box of chocolates is a little ''meh'' -- especially for a foodie. Chances are, they have that same box of chocolates in the pantry already. Yes, it's the thought that counts, but if you really want to spoil or impress the food lover in your life, a gourmet hamper is your go-to. 

But building the perfect food hamper is easier said than done when you don't know much about food yourself, or cooking for that matter. These food hamper ideas could help: 

1. The Entertainer's Food Hamper 

If you have a friend or loved one that enjoys hosting dinner parties, there's nothing they'd appreciate more than a gifted food hamper packed with gourmet ingredients. This type of food hamper could include the following types of premium cooking/pantry ingredients: 

  • A bag of gourmet risotto -- a dish that poses a true challenge for any home cook 
  • A bottle of the finest Extra Virgin olive oil -- ideally sourced and produced within Australia  
  • Top-quality cooking salt, i.e. sea salt flakes 
  • A selection of expertly crafted marinades 
  • Collector's ingredients such as stuffed olives, marinated garlic cloves, fine cheese, or truffle oil 

You might want to add a bottle of excellent cooking wine, too. These are the types of pantry essentials that will put a smile on any foodie's face. 

2. The Barbeque Master's Food Hamper 

For the outdoor entertainer or barbeque master, the key to a truly memorable barbeque is an impressive selection of condiments to suit all tastes. And not forgetting top-quality cuts of meat. Here's how to make a food hamper that will impress: 

  • Premium meat tenderisers and marinades 
  • A selection of spice rubs and mixes 
  • A selection of sauces and condiments -- think hot sauce, caramelised onion relish 
  • Cook's salt flakes and premium peppercorns, complete with their own glass or ceramic grinders
  • A great selection of wine that pairs well with select cuts of red meat 

When it comes to your meat selection, you want to opt for top-quality cuts to take your food hamper to the next level. Some of the best cuts of red meat for barbequing include rib-eye steak, tenderloin, porterhouse, the T-bone, sirloin, and fillet steak. 

3. The Picnic Lover's Food Hamper  

Now, most people might argue that the point of a gourmet food hamper is for picnic entertaining. If the foodie in your life loves an outdoor setting, paired with gourmet nibbles, great wine, or a bottle of bubbles (who doesn't, though?), here's how to make a gourmet basket they'll love: 

  • A selection of dried fruits and nuts -- preferably the chocolate-coated or glazed kind 
  • At least two different types of fruit jams or chutneys -- perfect for pairing with cheese 
  • A jar or two of pickled nibbles -- think along the lines of miniature gherkins, onions, or onion relish 
  • A selection of gourmet crackers, breadsticks, pretzels, or a fresh baguette 
  • A choice of cheeses, i.e. top-quality brie, camembert, creamy Roquefort, or a vintage cheddar
  • Either a bottle of crisp rosé, white wine, or bubbles that pairs well with your selection of cheeses

No picnic food hamper is complete without a selection of charcuterie. Some of the best meats sure to impress. These include thinly sliced salami, like Saucisson Sec, chorizo for a bit of spice, and cured ham such as Prosciutto or Jambon Sec. 

4. The Gourmet Grazer's Food Hamper 

Generally, most food lovers who enjoy entertaining will not pass up the opportunity to impress their guests with a beautiful grazing platter. This is one of those gourmet food hampers you could treat them with, packed with grazing platter inspiration: 

  • A selection of premium, locally-sourced nibbles such as marinated olives, artichokes, and sundried tomatoes
  • Gourmet nuts, including chocolate-coated almonds (always a crowd favourite)
  • A choice of preserves, chutneys or pastes, such as quince or spiced pear  
  • A miniature cheese board -- perfect for feeding a smaller crowd, or just themselves!
  • Parmesan crackers

If you really want to get fancy, you could also add in a choice of pâtés, such as duck, chicken, or pork liver, paired with tart pickles or spicy mustard. 

5. The Dessert Lover's Food Hamper 

Finally, if you want to spoil that special someone in your life, who also has a penchant for sweet treats, this is the food hamper to opt for. This is the perfect gift for sharing or just as a treat for them. When creating your ideal dessert lover's gourmet basket, think along the lines of: 

  • A selection of rich sauces to add as a topping to desserts such as ice cream or brownies, i.e. chocolate or caramel sauces 
  • A choice of expertly crafted macarons 
  • A range of gourmet cookies 
  • Candy-coated nuts, chocolate-dipped pretzels, or praline popcorn 
  • A selection of premium quality dark chocolate 

Of course, no dessert inspired food hamper is complete without a bold, rich wine to pair with it. A beautiful Australian Shiraz is a perfect accompaniment.

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