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Best Valentine’s Day Hampers for Her 2022

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine's day gifts for her? You want to send your special woman a Valentine's Day gift that conveys your love and admiration.

Valentine's Day hampers have the ideal balance of variety and attention to detail. You can find every combination of champagne, chocolate, candles, and more opportunities for indulgence in the wide variety at Fruitful Hampers.

Whether you want Valentine's Day gifts for your partner, your mom, or any special lady in your life, Valentine's Day hampers have something luxurious for everyone. Here are our favourite hamper selections to give your girl for Valentine's Day.

Her Luxury Hamper

Bring the lady of your life the comprehensive Her Luxury Hamper for Valentine's Day. Give her this package filled with soothing products to relax her after a long day.

Her Luxury Hamper contains the following luxury items:

  • Veuve Cliquot Bottle 70ml
  • OPT Therapy Hand Crème with Emu Oil
  • Hutwoods 200ml Glass Diffuser 
  • Hutwoods 250ml 100% Soy Wax 60hr Wood Wick Candle 
  • Havlu Co 100% Turkish Cotton Face Towel  
  • Havlu Co 100% Turkish Cotton Hand Towel

The Veuve Cliquot Bottle, the highlight of this luxury collection, is a Yellow Label Brut Champagne. The champagne is a blend of pinot noir with Chardonnay and a touch of Meunier. You can experience hints of fruit, vanilla, and brioche as you sip this champagne.

Once you grab a cheese plate and a glass of champagne, you can set a relaxing mood with the wood wick soy candle. The wood wicks create soft sounds that emulate firewood for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Send her this silk-tied hamper for Valentine's Day if you want to create the perfect Valentine's relaxation experience.

Rose Gift Hamper

Ready to take roses to the next level? For a Valentine's Day gift beyond a bouquet of roses, send your woman the Rose Gift Hamper.

This gift box contains these opulent items:

  • Chandon Sparkling 750ml Rose Bottle
  • Clinq Seamless Copper Flutes
  • Moreish Menu Meringue Bites

Inspired by the touch of a rose, she will feel truly appreciated with this gift. She can indulge in Chandon and meringue in a day of solitary relaxation or join you for a luxurious night of indulgence together.

Send this Valentine's gift for her to convey the sentiment of roses with a touch of something special beyond flowers in a vase.

Valentines Choc Hamper

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for females is like a box of chocolates. And if your special lady is a chocoholic, she'll love our Valentines Choc Hamper

There is no answer to the best Valentine's gift for females, but it's hard to find anyone who will say no to quality chocolate. The Valentines Choc Hamper has a variety of luxury chocolates for the women in your life with a sweet tooth.

This gift box contains the following chocolate picks:

  • Coco 88 Chocolate Smash Heart
  • Lakrids 120g Classic
  • Lakrids 120g Gold
  • Grounded Pleasure Salted Caramel Drink Chocolate
  • Grounded Pleasure Marshmellow Pack

From drinking chocolate to balls of chocolate gold, she'll be in relaxing in a sea of chocolate paradise. If you're lucky, you can sample the chocolate with her for a special Valentine's Day together.

Her Rose Valentines Hamper

Send the ultimate bath time gift box for the lady who loves a relaxing soak in the bath: Her Rose Valentines Hamper.

Her Rose Valentines Hamper features the following luxurious products:

  • Chandon Rose
  • Lakrids 295g
  • Hutwood Lavender Bath Soak
  • Hutswood Glass Candle
  • Loco Love Twin Pack

She can soak with the relaxing scent of lavender as the gentle Hutswood candle provides an intimate atmosphere.

Add chocolate and a glass of Chandon rose? She may never leave her bath again. With this hamper, you'll give her a blissful Valentine's Day.

Chocolate Gift Hamper

Does your special woman have a refined taste? The Chocolate Gift Hamper provides high-quality chocolate for the chocolate connoisseur who knows what she wants.

The Chocolate Gift Hamper includes the following delectable chocolates:

  • Lakrids Classic Salty Caramel 125g
  • Lakrids Gold Raspberry 125g
  • Coco 88 Chocolate Smash Heart

She can alternate between pure chocolatey goodness, salty caramel bliss, and sweet raspberry bites. This hamper has the luxury chocolate essentials for a delicious Valentine's Day.

Valentines Sweet Tooth Hamper

Bring a touch of France, the most romantic country, to her counter with the Valentines Sweet Tooth Hamper.

This hamper contains the classic CoCo 88 Chocolate Smash Heart Shape and Truffles Fantaisie; premium French truffles dusted with cocoa. The chocolate is made in France and gives the taste of authentic French craftsmanship. 

These truffettes de France are the piece de resistance to your special lady's Valentine's Day. So give her the Valentines Sweet Tooth Hamper if she's a romantic at heart.

Valentine's Day Loco Collection

If you're still searching for her perfect Valentine's Day gift, we have a variety of Valentine's collections for every taste.

Explore our Loco chocolate collection of Valentine's Day hampers paired with her favourite drink of choice. These gift boxes include handmade artisanal chocolate by Loco Love.

You can choose between the following premium bottle options:

  • 2020 N.Z Sauvignon Blanc
  • Veuve Yellow Label Brut
  • Grand Barossa Shiraz Red
  • Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut

Gift this hamper to your special woman if she loves quality champagne paired with complementing artisanal chocolate. The Loco collection has something for everyone.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day gifts for her should be catered to her tastes and desires. Every woman loves a relaxing evening with her favourite snack and drink, so send her the gift box you know she'll enjoy.

Fruitful Hampers provides a variety of quality gift boxes so that you can choose the perfect one for her. Show her that you appreciate her and understand her personal taste for Valentine's Day.

Are you looking for a hamper with a savoury touch? See our gourmet hampers for hampers with more food selection.