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The Best Valentine's Day Gift Hamper Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Did you know that lovebugs spend almost $24 billion on Valentine's day gifts worldwide each year? Yes, you read that right! And most of that money is spent on three things: jewellery, candy and flowers.

But why get your loved one a commonplace gift this year when you could get them something truly special?

If you've ever asked yourself, "What, oh what to get my partner for Valentine's Day?" then you, my friend, have come to the right place.

A Valentine's Day hamper makes for a unique and personalised gift, and you don't even have to do any work. That's because we've picked out the best Valentine's Day hamper for everyone in your life, from romantic partners to second moms and everyone in between.

With so many options to choose from, you can't go wrong, but your pick is what will make it the best Valentine's Day gift.

Read on for a list of gift baskets and choose the one you know will make this year's Valentine's a day they'll remember.

Sweet Tooth Gift Hampers

This is a thoughtful twist on an old classic: Valentine's candy. For the candy lover in your life, a sweet tooth gift hamper provides the sugary sensation they've been dreaming of.

Sweet tooth hampers come in a variety of types and flavours. It's a great idea to add something else besides candy for that little extra touch to show you care. 

The Her Rose Valentines Hamper comes with handmade chocolate-covered liquorice, a delicious glass candle, yummy bath soak, and a bottle of Chandon Rose. This delectable set will have their mouthwatering.

Savoury Gift Hampers

For every sweet tooth in this world, there exists someone who prefers their treats on the savoury side. So for all of your salty snack lovers, a savoury gift hamper is a perfect gesture.

The Grazing Hamper is a top pick in this category. Complete with a beautifully designed Atelier cheese board and black tea towel that they can use forever, this hamper is a must-have.

Your valentine will go "nuts" over this hamper's assortment of dukkah, smoked almonds, seed crisps, pickles, and Feijoa guava paste.

Fruity Gift Hampers

Moving on to another category of mouthwatering treats, fruity gift hampers are a wonderful idea for your health-conscious honey. Not only are these tasty gifts downright nourishing, but they'll also add a twist to your gift that's as colourful as your valentine.

The Fruitful Hamper offers a variety of classic fruit baskets. Consider keeping it simple with a fruits-only gift or spice it up a bit by choosing one that also includes nuts, chocolate, or wine.

Alcohol Gift Hampers

This one is reserved for adults only. An alcohol gift hamper is a perfect idea for the beverage connoisseur in your life.

Focused on a variety of alcohol types, there is a gift basket out there for every alcohol consumer. Plus, an alcohol gift hamper makes for some fun pre or post-date amusement.

The Celebration Gift Hamper will help you get into the spirit of the holiday. It comes with a lovely bottle of Chandon champagne and a tasty assortment of sweet and salty snacks.

Non-Alcohol Gift Hampers

What's a celebration without a tasty beverage on tap? Non-Alcohol gift hampers are the perfect selection for the non-alcoholic beverage-lover!

The Blood Orange Hamper is a definite crowd favourite. This box contains Lyres Italian Orange, Lyres Orange Sec, meringue bites, Dried Oranges, Capri Blood Orange Soda, and two gorgeous copper stemless glasses.

All ingredients are completely free from alcohol, but don't be fooled-this set was designed to add some zest to your holiday.

Self-Care Hampers

This is one of the most popular gift ideas for your valentine since all of us could use a little boost in the self-care department. So why not gift your loved one with a spa gift box for Valentine's Day?

Complete with everything they'll need for a nice relaxing in-home spa day, the Pamper Gift Hamper is the ultimate restful treat. This gift box comes with a Cedar Spice Sea salt Exfoliating Soap, 100% natural palm brush, two super soft hand and face towels, body hydrator emu oil, soy wax candle, and soy wax tea lights.

Talk about a day at the spa!

Baby Gift Hampers

Who's to say that the little one on your Valentine's Day list doesn't deserve some tender love and care, too? A baby hamper is a perfect present for the latest newcomer in your life. It's also a great way to show mom and dad how much you care!

The New Baby Hamper comes with little delights to help the baby (and baby's parents) get their best night's sleep yet.

The Lullaby Duo Bath Time Buss Pack will help soothe the little one before sleep, and the organic soft bunny will have them drifting off in no time. Plus, the teether ring set and meringue bite snack pack will help ease gum pain when they awake.

A Valentine's Day Gift for Everyone

The day of love is right around the corner, and time is running out to pick up your Valentine's Day Gifts! Place your orders now. In the name of Saint Valentine, get to it!

At Fruitful Hampers, the process couldn't be more straightforward for you. All of the hampers from our site are deliverable valentine's gifts, which means they're an excellent option for that special someone near or far.

Go with a hamper that already caught your eye, or explore the rest of our Valentine's Day gift hampers. But don't browse too long. Time is ticking! Order soon, and you will ensure a magical gift-giving experience this year.