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Beyond the Bunny: Easter Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

If you're struggling with the problem that every Easter is beginning to look the same. Every year the same gifts get handed around, and it almost feels as if everyone is losing inspiration. So are you wondering what you can do differently this year? 

Easter Sunday is not far away, which means that it's time to start rounding up the perfect Easter gift baskets for the occasion! If you're struggling with ideas of what to give your loved ones, we've curated the best Easter gift ideas for you.

Easter is not just about eggs and bunnies, so we bring you Easter gift ideas that go beyond Easter eggs and bunnies. Keep reading to find out how you can spoil your family this year.

The History of Easter Gifts

It's understood that ancient Pagan rituals around the time of Easter were focused on the rebirth of nature, with the new green growth on the trees and the emerging sunlight and the increase in weather temperature.

Easter Eggs

As such, the egg is a symbol for all of these and was subsequently embraced by Christians where it's still a symbol for Easter to this day. Originally, real eggs were decorated and given as gifts to loved ones and admirers as a romantic gift, or to housemaids and children.

The Eastern Orthodox faith has its own tradition of painting the eggs red; this is to symbolize the blood of Christ. Furthermore, on Easter day they would crack the eggs, representing Christ breaking out of the tomb.

Over the years, the egg went through many formations, where they were made from cardboard and were hollow and filled with, most commonly, food items.

Eventually, chocolate Easter eggs were created and due to their popularity, soon became a regular Easter holiday tradition.

Easter Chicks

Following on from the tradition of the egg, chicks were soon also associated with the rebirth during Easter and as such, chick-shaped marshmallow treats after often given out during the holiday.

Easter Bunnies

Bunnies are given either in the form of hollow, rabbit-shaped chocolates or as a stuffed toy. Rabbits are known for their prolific ability to reproduce, which also ties back into the Pagan beliefs of rebirth since rabbits tend to give birth to their young in the Spring, thus symbolising fertility.

The earliest evidence of the bunny that most closely represents the one we know today dates back to the 1600s. Mentioned in German writings, there was a rabbit called "Oschter Haws" or in English, Easter hare.

This hare was believed to lay colourfully decorated eggs in nests the children created. The children who were good were the recipients of these eggs.

Easter Baskets

It is believed that the tradition of exchanging baskets is descended from early medieval Catholics. As a celebration of the end of Lent, baskets of tasty treats and goods were brought to the church to be blessed by the Priest.

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Easter wouldn't be complete without including the children in the celebrations. If you're looking to spoil a special kid in your life over Easter, here are some easter gifts for kids in Australia that can help you pick out the best gift kids' Easter hampers.

When thinking of a gift for a kid, here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Hobbies: theme an Easter basket around their hobbies, or their favourite activity
  • Personality: every kid is different, so try to find traits of their personalities that can help customise a gift basket
  • Desires: every kid has a wishlist, if you can tap into that wishlist you can create a perfectly personalized basket

If someone you know is having a baby, try some of these gift basket ideas to show that you care:

Rainbow Baby Boy Gift Hamper

Send your wishes to the parents and the baby in the most adorable and memorable way.

Included in the Rainbow Baby Boy Gift Hamper:

  • Baby Al.ive Nappy Cream
  • Al.ive Body Duo Pack
  • Alimrose Beechwood Teethers
  • Wind & Willow Co Rainbow

Newborn Baby Gift Hamper

This is one very invigorating way of sending a welcome message to the new member of the family.

Included in this hamper:

  • Alimrose Beechwood Baby Teether
  • Al.ive Body Duo Pack
  • Alimrose Blanket Grey
  • Al.ive Body Nappy Cream
  • Alimrose Bobby Floppy Yellow Bunny

Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Adults

Easter doesn't only have to be for kids. Adults can get in on the fun by exchanging Easter hamper boxes with family, friends, and loved ones.

If you're looking for Easter gift hampers in Australia, here are some options to get you started:

Her Luxury Hamper

Spoil your lady with a hamper that's made just for her. Let her indulge herself in the luxurious items this hamper has to bring.

Included in Her Luxury Hamper:

  • Veuve Cliquot Bottle 70ml
  • Hutwoods 250ml 100% Soy Wax 60hr Wood Wick Candle
  • Havlu Co 100% Turkish Cotton Face Towel  
  • Havlu Co 100% Turkish Cotton Hand Towel
  • OPT Therapy Hand Crème with Emu Oil
  • Hutwoods 200ml Glass Diffuser 

Premium Risotto Dining Hamper

It's no secret that someone you know loves and obsesses over risotto, which is why we designed this hamper that will perfect their version of the complicated dish.

Included in the Premium Risotto Dining Hamper:

  • Olsson's Eyre Peninsula Sa Salt flakes 120g
  • Risotto Ai Funghi Porcini 300g
  • 2020 N.Z Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
  • Kangaroo Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil  250ml
  • Port Willunga Fleurieu Olives 

Family Easter Hampers

Easter wouldn't be complete without your family, and what better way to show your appreciation than with a perfectly crafted Easter hamper?

For the uncles, grandpa's, brothers, or dads in your life, how about the

Men's Shaving Gift Hamper

We have put together the ultimate hamper for him, filled with everything he needs for the perfect weekend at home, so he can relax and prepare for another busy week ahead.

Included in the Men's Shaving Gift Hamper:

  • Havlu & Co Face Towel
  • Blokes Body Wash 500ml
  • Whisk & Pin Honey Crunch Rocks
  • Bloke Soap Mandle
  • Plant & Prosper Razer
  • Plant & Prosper Soap
  • Salt & Stone Deo
  • Bad Bones Brush

Fruit & Chocolate Hamper

Our hand-picked assortment of Fresh Fruit balanced with high-quality Cicada Chocolate is the perfect treat for your loved one.

Included in the Fruit & Chocolate Hamper:

  • Cicada Salted Carmel Bar
  • Cicada Caramelized White Chocolate
  • Great Selection of Seasonal Fruit

Give an Easter Basket Gift This Year

Show your loved ones that you really care about them this Easter and spoil them with easter gift baskets in Australia.

Take a look for some easter gift ideas in our shop, and you're sure to find something for that special person in your life.