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Gourmet Chocolate: Treat Yourself to Delectable Chocolate This Easter

Did you know that Australians spend an average of $62 on Easter chocolate?

Most of that goes on cheap Easter eggs, the go-to for treats this holiday season. But did you know that they might not be the best way to spend your Easter budget?

There are tons of reasons why people turn to gourmet chocolate at Easter instead of cheaper eggs. So if you're thinking of switching it up and investing in indulgence this year (we've definitely all earned it!), we've got everything you need to know.

Read on to find out more!

What Is Gourmet Chocolate?

You might have heard the term gourmet chocolate before, but what does it mean?

If chocolate is referred to as gourmet, it usually means it is made from incredibly high-quality ingredients. In particular, the cocoa will be of superior quality to what's found in cheaper chocolate. From how the beans are grown to how they're processed, gourmet chocolate producers will invest more time and money into the raw cocoa they use, ensuring the flavour is exceptional.

Any other ingredients, including sugar, milk, and vanilla, will also be of much better quality. Naturally, this hugely affects the flavour, creating some of the most intensely decadent and melt-in-your-mouth chocolates on the market.

Do You Always Have to Eat Easter Eggs at Easter?

No! If you're looking for a gourmet Easter present, it doesn't have to be egg-shaped. There's no rule book here, so choose what you want!

There are some gourmet Easter eggs available, but there are also plenty of other styles to choose from that are just as fun and delicious. Of course, if you opt for a bar, you tend to get more value for your money anyway, making it a bit of a no-brainer.

Choosing a gourmet Easter basket is a fantastic idea to treat your loved ones to something super special. Trust us, they won't miss an Easter egg if you treat them to a whole hamper of delicious goodies!

Gourmet Chocolate Vs Supermarket Chocolate

If you're wondering the difference between gourmet and supermarket chocolate and which is the best chocolate for Easter, we've got the lowdown. Here's a head-to-head of the two.

Cost Differences

Of course, supermarket chocolate is going to be cheaper than gourmet chocolate. This is because (as mentioned above) the ingredients used are cheaper, and production costs are kept to a minimum. So deciding between the two comes down to whether you're bothered about getting a better flavour and more natural ingredients or whether the cost is more important to you.

Remember, one way around any budget issues is to buy less but buy well. So if you usually purchase huge but budget-friendly eggs, switch it up and buy them a small bar of something delicious as a gourmet Easter present. 

Health Benefits

No one's here to say that chocolate in high amounts is healthy. But, a small amount of quality chocolate actually can be. 

Chocolate with a higher cocoa percentage has an increase in flavonoids, which have benefits such as lowering blood pressure and decreasing your risk of blood clots. As gourmet chocolate tends to have a higher percentage of quality cocoa, it's more likely to give you these benefits. 

The Smell

Who doesn't love the smell of chocolate? One of the key indicators of a high-quality choccy is a stronger smell, which we'd add to the list of the benefits of gourmet Easter chocolate! A huge part of the experience of chocolate tasting is the delicious aroma, and the stronger that is, the better.

The Taste

Of course, even more important than the smell is the taste. There is a clear difference between cheaper supermarket chocolate and gourmet chocolate, and you don't need to eat them one after the other to notice. It's very obvious!

Gourmet chocolate is velvety, rich, and has a very smooth mouth-feel. It's strong in cocoa flavour and not too sweet or milky, but still creamy. It melts quickly in the mouth due to the high content of cocoa butter and leaves a long-lasting taste.

Cheaper chocolate has less of a cocoa flavour and can sometimes taste more artificial. This is because it's packed with sugar to make up for the lack of strong cocoa and won't be as creamy or smooth in your mouth. If it's gritty or waxy, it's very low quality.

Fair Production

This isn't always the case, but higher quality chocolate also tends to have been made more ethically. If your chocolate is incredibly cheap, you have to ask where they've cut corners to get the price so low. If you're worried about the ethics behind your bars, do some research on the company, and they should have details of their production and Fairtrade ethics readily available.

Why Choose Easter Chocolate Hampers?

Easter chocolate hampers make a wonderful gift. By not opting for the more obvious Easter egg, you show that you've put thought and care into the gift and gone out of your way to choose something extra special for your loved one. It's also much more exciting for your recipient to receive gourmet chocolate, which they may not often buy for themselves.

A gourmet chocolate Easter basket doesn't say I picked out a generic gift for you. Instead, it says I spent time, effort, and money on something I think you'll love. 

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