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Why Buy Easter Gift Hampers?

Do you have Easter baskets ready to send? Easter is just around the corner, and your loved ones probably want a little treat to celebrate the holiday.

While not everyone has the same taste, choosing the best Easter gifts is easier than you think. At Fruitful Hamper, we have Easter hamper ideas that your friends, family, and colleagues will love.

Keep reading to learn why you should give everyone gifts this season and what holiday gifts you should get them.

Why Send Easter Baskets?

The simple answer: everyone appreciates a thoughtful gift.

Of course, Easter is more than a gift-giving holiday. Easter is a holiday to share with loved ones, especially those who follow Christianity.

In the early history of Easter, painted eggs were the expected gift for housemaids, children, and admirers. Now, we exchange various gifts to celebrate the history of Easter and show that our loved ones are in our thoughts.

Whatever your motivation, nothing says classic Easter like passing around Easter baskets filled with chocolate, candies, and other exciting goodies. You can send a hamper for as low as $50 or splurge for the special occasion.

Easter Hamper Ideas for Parents

Parents aren't always easy to shop for, especially when they insist that you save your money. When in doubt, there are two safe options to include in Easter hampers for parents: alcohol and savoury snacks.

The Savoury Gourmet Gift Hamper

Send your loved ones an exciting surprise with the Savoury Gourmet Gift Hamper. Of course, you can't go wrong with various savoury snacks and a non-alcoholic craft cocktail.

Included in the Savoury Gourmet Gift Hamper:

  • Altina Light Me Up
  • G for George Roasted Capsicum Tapenade
  • Moreish Menu Lavosh Shards Szechuan Pepper
  • Port Willunga Fine Foods Sun Dried Apples
  • Random Harvest Australian Quince Paste
  • Whisk & Pin Spiced Nuts 150

Your parents can snack on a platter of spiced nuts, pairing the snacks with the non-alcoholic cocktail. Or use the cocktail as a mixer for a fun Easter celebration.

Easter Hamper Ideas for Children

Children have a sweet tooth, and to most kids, sugar is the best part of any holiday celebration. So we've got an Easter hamper filled with chocolatey goodness and sugary sweets for even the most sweet-toothed children this Easter. We've also got a unique hamper selection for babies.

The Loco Hampers

Send the Red Loco Hamper or the White Loco Hamper as a fun Easter hamper for the whole family. Children will chow down on the assorted chocolates while parents can enjoy one of the internationally acclaimed wines.

Included in the White Loco Hamper and the Red Loco Hamper:

  • Loco Love Lover's Box
  • The 2020 N.Z Sauvignon Blanc OR The 2020 Grand Barossa Shiraz

The box of artisanal chocolates includes flavours like butter caramel, hazelnut, and orange ganache to please even the pickiest eaters. Give the box of chocolates to your children, or surprise someone else with Easter treats for every member of the family to enjoy.

Both gift hampers make great Easter baskets. However, while both available wines are popular, you can pick the right family Easter hamper based on their wine taste.

The Premium Baby Gift Hamper

Not everyone's child is old enough to bite into chocolate - or much of anything else. That's why we've prepared the special Premium Baby Gift Hamper that contains items specifically for parents with a baby.

Included in the Premium Baby Gift Hamper:

  • Melting Moments Cookies and Cream
  • Wind & Willow Cheetah Swaddle
  • Wind & Willow Neutral Rainbow

The contents of this baby-friendly Easter basket are all in neutral browns so that they can match any baby room theme. Carefully made with gentle material, babies will feel comfortable snuggling in their precious new swaddle.

Easter Hamper Ideas for Friends and Coworkers

Friends and coworkers have a broad range of tastes, so we've got the perfect gift hamper that will appeal to everyone, from your best friend to your boss. When in doubt, send gourmet ingredients or fruit!

The Grazing Hamper

The Grazing Hamper is one of the best Easter baskets to entertain a crowd. Using the ingredients of this gourmet hamper, you can gather your friends or coworkers for a cheese plate feast.

Included in the Grazing Hamper:

  • Black Tea Towel Cotton
  • Exquisite Atelier Cheese Board
  • Port Willunga Dukkah Platter Pack
  • Port Smoked Willunga Almonds 100g
  • Random Harvest Australian Quince Paste
  • Valley Seed Crisps Quince & Almond
  • Verduijns Parmesan Wafers

This hamper caters to a variety of tastes, making it a crowd favourite for every occasion. So to celebrate Easter outside of the family, surprise your friends with this fun gift box that everyone can enjoy together.

The Fruit, Nut, & Chocolate Hamper

Are you looking for sweet over savoury? The Fruit, Nut, & Chocolate Hamper is a sweet hamper alternative that's fit for a group. 

Included in the Fruit, Nut, & Chocolate Hamper:

  • Bahen & Co Honey Macadamia
  • Great selection of Seasonal Fruit
  • Port Smoked Willunga Almonds 100g

The fruit is seasonal, so you can always expect the freshest selection. With each piece hand-selected, you and your colleagues can enjoy every bite without any bad fruits in the bunch.

Celebrate Easter With Gift Hampers

Ready to spread some Easter spirit? Our quick Easter Hamper ideas guide will help you find the perfect Easter gift hampers for all the loved ones in your life.

If you want to spread some Easter spirit or just show your loved ones that you're thinking about them, send any one of these special hampers with a personalised message. 

Our Fruitful Hampers team have specially made luxury hampers to fit every occasion. Visit our store to see an assortment of high-quality gift hampers.