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10 Romantic Gifts for Her

Are you looking for a selection of perfect romantic gifts for your partner?

With so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. You're looking for something that'll wow her, something she hasn't received before.

If you want to woo your partner with something extra special, read through this article for a selection of 10 classy, unique gifts for her.

Ideas for Gifts for Her

Picking gifts for women is notoriously hard. Here are some things to bear in mind when considering which romantic gifts to choose:

  • Is she an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Does she enjoy doing activities, playing games or making things?
  • Would she prefer something relaxing or exciting?
  • What is her personality like?
  • When are you giving her this gift?
  • Why are you giving her this gift?

As a gifting emporium, we're well-versed in giving the perfect present. Here are our favourite ideas for gifts to give the woman in your life.

1. Cookery Class

A scientific study has shown that 87% of people surveyed believe that cooking with your partner strengthens your relationship and builds intimacy and romance.

Regardless of who is the chef at home, an intimate cookery class could help bring you together and spark a love for a new activity to do together!

2. Poetry/Songwriting

Have you got an affinity for the written word? Can you put together a melody?

Take some time to consider what you love about your partner, and write it down. Then, see if you can put it together in a poem or a simple song. It's bound to sweep her off her feet, even if it isn't particularly good - it's the thought that counts!

3. Her Favourite Book

Does she love reading? If she does, she'll already have a copy of her favourite book. However, she might not have a first edition, a signed copy by the author, a hardback cover or a limited edition.

There's nothing book lovers adore more than a shiny new book!

4. Shopping Spree

Not every woman loves shopping, but most do if you know what she'd love spending money on. So if you're looking for a memorable birthday gift, this is the one.

A shopping spree doesn't have to look like going crazy in Prada, either. Take her to her favourite organic food store, her favourite book store, or her favourite stuffed animal workshop, and tell her to go crazy on you.

5. A Personalised Keepsake Box

Most of us have a little shoebox full of our most treasured memories - but how romantic would a personalised, engraved keepsake box specifically for the two of you be? If you're handy, you could even build and engrave it yourself!

6. 'Reasons I Love You' Post-Its

This one doesn't have to be on post-its, but there's something very romantic about writing out a list of reasons you love your partner - see if you can fill a whole post-it pad!

7. Something Hobby-centric

Does she have a hobby she loves to do? Maybe she makes tidy clay models? Maybe she paints?

Put together a basket of her favourite things. For example, say she's an amateur artist who doesn't like to spend too much money on luxury paints and paintbrushes - she'll love a small collection of products she'd never usually buy for herself.

8. A Joint Experience

Book something you know you'll both enjoy - if you're both rollercoaster enthusiasts, buy a day ticket to her favourite theme park. If you've always wanted to try skydiving, book a skydiving experience.

If you're stuck for ideas for anniversary gifts, these memories will always be tied up with you two, and ones she'll never forget.

9. Pamper Hamper

This gorgeous Her Spritz Hamper is full of goodies the woman in your life will love. It's a complete pamper set and says, "I want you to relax and unwind."

Chandon Garden Spritz Sparkling Wine 750ml - This is an exceptional sparkling wine. It's crafted with a base of navel oranges and blood oranges, with hints of dried orange peel, herbs, and spices from some of the most exotic places in the world. This sparkling wine tantalises the palate.

Hutwoods Champagne And Strawberries Candle - This fragrant candle smells like a dream. The combination of fresh, sweet strawberry, raspberry, and a bubbling glass of champagne scents just makes you want to sit down and enjoy the now.

Hutwoods Bath Salts - Another fantastic Hutwoods product is the Himalayan bath salts. These lavender and patchouli essential oil salts add a touch of luxury to your soak.

Lakrid's Strawberry and Cream By Bulow - There's not a lot more romantic than strawberries and cream. These chocolate-coated licorice sweets taste just like the famous food combination.

Loco Love Wild Orange Ganache - This citrussy, chocolatey delight melts in the mouth and boosts your immune system with the vitamin C rich fruit Camu Camu.

10. 'You Deserve the Best' Hamper

The Premium Gift Hamper For Her is the perfect all-rounder. It comes beautifully packaged, filled with various amazing products from brands our customers love.

In this romantic gifts box, you'll find:

Al.ive Sanitiser - This is a watermelon and lime hand and surface sanitiser. It doesn't leave a sticky residue, yet it moisturises the skin and stands out in a thyme green bottle.

Hutwoods Vanilla & Oakmoss Solid Perfume - This is a modern, convenient way to carry and wear perfume with a fresh scent.

Maho Sensory Sticks - Gyspy Wood doused in the summertime smells of sandalwood and sunflower with notes of frankincense.

Miss Dior Body Butter - This is a creamy, smooth body butter.

Silk and Soleil One Million Soap Bar - This is a vegan, natural soap bar packed with delicious oils.

Why Fruitful Hampers?

Based in Sydney, Fruitful Hampers deliver Australia-wide with care every time. So you can expect your hamper to show up in beautiful white packaging and delicately prepared contents.

We carefully curate everything that goes into our hampers, from fruit and food to drinks and products. As a result, each business we work with aligns with our values in terms of quality and passion.

Gift Her Something She'll Remember

Choosing a gift doesn't have to be stressful. Just remember the golden question: what does she like? You're all set if you can keep that in mind when you're planning the perfect gift!

Are you still looking for gifts for her? Do you want something easy to order that still has personality and decadence? Then, come and browse our luxury Her Hampers.