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A Simple Gift for Her: How to Choose a Gift She’ll Adore

An average of $572 million in unwanted gifts is given to recipients in Australia every year.

An unwanted gift is a waste of resources and money, but it always suggests you don't fully understand the recipient's likes and needs. So how do you pick the right one?

While it may seem impossible, it can be easier than you think. Read on as we discuss how to choose a simple gift for her. 


The key to a successful gift for her is preparation. Even if you only have a little information about the lucky lady, you can use it to your advantage. Use it to inform the gift you choose. 

Start by remembering the bits of information you have been provided. As the relationship grows, you will get even more of these. This makes it much easier to buy the right gift. 


This may be a little hard to get initially, but it should be easier to find out as the relationship grows. Once you have sizes, you can consider buying clothing and items for the lady to wear. They may also have a favourite style or celebrity whose fashions they like to follow. 


Knowing her favourite colours will also help you choose an easy gift for her. It can help decide on items of clothing or jewellery, but it can inform your choice for some very unique gifts. For example, our rose hamper combines colour and taste in a fantastic present that is sure to impress. 


Materials are another important one, especially if you are choosing jewellery. Firstly, you need to know if they wear gold or silver coloured metals. They may even prefer natural materials like wood and leather. 

After this, make sure you know their favourite stones. This can tie into their preferred favourite colour. They may even have a birthstone that they divulge to you. 


Food is usually involved in the best gift ideas. Everyone loves to get a tasty treat, even more so when it is well thought out. By knowing what the woman in your life values, you can tailor your gift.

Our range of hampers with sparkling champagne is an excellent choice. They come with a range of goods, from chocolates to items for pampering and relaxing the body. Click here to see our suggestions. 

Tips on Choosing Gift Ideas for Her

When choosing the best gift for her, there are a few tips to consider. The pointers below will help guide you in the right direction. 

Solve Problems and Don't Create Them

When you buy a gift, you should always aim to solve problems. This may sound boring, like buying them DIY items. But it does not have to be, and with a bit of thought, you can turn it around to be the perfect gift. 

Are they teetotal but always visiting parties where everyone drinks? Get them an alcohol-free cocktail hamper. If they need a way to relax and unwind, consider buying them items for the perfect pamper. 

What you should avoid entirely is creating a problem. Getting them a gift card, for example, simply means they have more choices to make and passes the buck. But, on the other hand, buying them events or experience days means they have to try and fit everything around their lifestyle and can cause more headaches than needed. 

Make It Look Spectacular

What can seem like a fairly ordinary gift can be made spectacular with the proper presentation and delivery. Take the time to make sure you give elegantly wrapped gifts so that they are appealing to the eye. 

Part of this also ties into giving the best gifts you can. For example, chocolate bought from the petrol station is not very imaginative. Yet gourmet chocolates with accompanying gifts wrapped spectacularly are a present most women would be glad to receive. 

Create a Moment

Another way to select an easy gift for her is to provide something that can create a moment. This is a gift that can be used when the lady has a spare hour or evening and can pamper or treat themself. 

Our range of hampers is ideal for this. Your recipient can pop a bottle of bubbly, delight in some delicious snacks or indulge in some self-care.

When to Give a Gift

Knowing when to give a gift is just as important as what you give. Aside from birthdays and holidays, there are times when a surprise gift can make a huge difference. 

Consider days that may be taxing or emotionally draining for your loved one. This can be as simple as a long, challenging period at work or the anniversary of a bereavement. While it may not fully solve the problem, it will go a long way to lifting their spirits. 

It can be good to leave a gift where they will find it when alone. For example, this could be on their bed, ready for when they get home from work. You could even leave it at the breakfast table. 

Having it delivered directly to them is also a great way to give it. This could go directly to their home or place of work. Our hampers can be delivered across Australia and can even have an express delivery if you wish.

Avoid giving a gift directly after an argument. Instead, you should wait until time has passed and the dispute is resolved before giving them a gift. 

Choosing a Simple Gift for Her

Now you know the process of choosing a simple gift for her, you can be confident in your purchase. Then, select the right time to give it to them and see how delighted they are with your choice. 

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