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5 Fantastic End of Year Gift Ideas for Your Teacher

Did you know that Australia has lost more teachers than gained in 2021? With so many stressors in the last couple of years, we can take this opportunity to show respect for the teachers who have powered through to educate our children.

As the end of the school year wraps up, it's time to celebrate your children and the educators who gave them the tools to succeed. Follow our guide on the best hamper gift for teachers who would love an end-of-year school present with a feminine touch.

1. Her Luxury Hamper

What better way to end the year than with the ultimate Her Luxury Hamper? This all-inclusive luxury hamper ties in every element of relaxation to create the best gift for female teachers.

Give her a night of relaxation for all of her hard work. Her Luxury Hamper includes:

  • Hutwoods Champagne And Strawberries Candle
  • Hutwoods Bath Salts
  • Hutwoods 200ml Glass Diffuser
  • Loco Love Wild Orange Ganache
  • OP Therapy Body Hydrator With Emu Oil
  • OPT Therapy Hand Creme with Emu Oil
  • Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bottle
  • Whisk and Pin Dark Chocolate Orange

The centrepiece of this special selection is the popular Veuve Clicquot bottle of champagne. The Yellow Label champagne sparkles with buttered toast, brioche, and biscuit notes.

Whatever your child's teacher is in the mood for, she can find it in this gift. With famous champagne, decadent orange chocolate, and an assortment of soothing bath products, every luxury is at her disposal.

When you give her this hamper, don't forget to write a personal note with the included 'Congratulations' card. 

2. Premium Gift Hamper for Her

To simulate a spa day for your teacher, give her the fragrance-filled Premium Gift Hamper for Her. Let her imagination wander with this luxury hamper's many scents and sensations.

The Premium Gift Hamper for Her includes:

  • Al.ive Sanitiser
  • Hutwoods Vanilla & Oakmoss Solid Perfume
  • Maho Sensory Sticks
  • Miss Dior Body Butter
  • Silk and Soleil One Million Soap Bar

Your child's teacher can incorporate these relaxing products into every part of her daily routine. Your teacher can experience the spa in a small bottle with the travel size sanitiser and lotion even on the go.

This gift box is filled with subtle fragrances curated to emulate a summer's night. So she can relax in the scents of summer as the school year comes to a close.

3. Serenity Self-Care Hamper

Serenity is far from any classroom environment so teachers will love the Serenity Self-Care Hamper. Give her a gift box that provides opportunities for self-care and serene relaxation. She'll love the sweet smells and the eco-friendly benefits of everything inside.

The Serenity Self-Care Hamper includes:

  • Al.ive Body Wash
  • Al.ive Body Lotion
  • Al.ive Sweet Dewberry & Clove Soy Candle
  • Al.ive Sweet Dewberry & Clove Diffuser

The Al.ive luxury brand uses natural and gentle ingredients made in Australia. You can give this luxury hamper to even the most eco-conscious teachers. All products are cruelty-free, vegan, and include a planted tree as part of Al.ive's tree planting pledge.

Give this gift box so that your teacher can bathe in the serenity of Al.ive self-care products amidst the chaos of school life.

4. Pamper Gift Hamper

Your teachers support your children to grow, but teachers also need care and support. So celebrate her fantastic work by promoting self-care for your teacher. The Pamper Gift Hamper creates a moment of bliss through various self-care products.

The Pamper Gift Hamper includes:

  • Eco Max 100% Natural Palm Brush
  • Havlu Co 100% Turkish Cotton Face Towel
  • Havlu Co 100% Turkish Cotton Hand Towel
  • Hutwoods Champagne And Strawberries Candle
  • OP Therapy Body Hydrator With Emu Oil
  • OPT Cedar Spice Sea salt Exfoliating Soap
  • OPT Therapy Hand Creme with Emu Oil

The gentle exfoliate rejuvenates and cleanses your face and body. Follow this step with the OP Therapy hydration products to soothe, firm, and moisturise sensitive skin. Featured in this luxury hamper, emu oil holds restorative and healing properties while soothing any areas of stress or irritation.

Fatigue and stress can be a regular part of busy work life, but you can ease the stress with a hamper that can only be described as soft and tranquil. The contents of this hamper provide every tool necessary for a day of pampering and self-care.

5. Gourmet Tea Hamper

Every teacher has her liquid vice, and if your child's teacher is hooked on tea, then the Gourmet Tea Hamper fits perfectly into her tea time routine. Tea breaks are calming and refreshing moments for a busy teacher.

The Gourmet Tea Hamper includes:

  • Luken and May Almond Vanilla Butter Burst Biscuits
  • Mayde Tea Chai Latte Powder
  • Mayde Tea English Breakfast

The flavours in this gift hamper for teachers are delicious, but the tea brand Mayde Tea of Byron Bay is also popular for blending healing ingredients packed sustainably. They can complement these teas with the Luken and May buttery biscuits for a genuinely relaxing tea break.

Wrap up this tea hamper with a personalised gift note. Between the thoughtful note and the delicious contents inside, your child's teacher will feel appreciated for their work.

The Best Gift for Teachers

Follow our gift guide for the best gift ideas for teachers. Teachers work hard to teach your child something new every day, so take the opportunity to show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift for teachers at the end of the year. 

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