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Corporate Presents: Non-Alcoholic Gifts for Staff

Are you searching for corporate presents for your employees?

Australia is dealing with what they call the “Great Resignation.” Millions of workers have recently left their jobs for different reasons.

One of the reasons employees leave their jobs is because they feel unvalued and underappreciated. Corporate gifting can help boost your employees’ morale. Non-alcoholic gifts are some of the best options to consider.

What are the best choices to add to your virtual shopping cart? Continue reading below for responsible corporate gifts.

The Martini Hamper

Do you want to give a token of appreciation to your team for a successful product launch? The Martini Hamper will keep the excitement high without getting everyone intoxicated. A touch of sophistication welcomes them before they unbox the package.

Inside comes three special items. There’s a 200mL bottle of Lyres Aperitif Dry, a 200mL bottle of Lyres Dry London, and a Clinq Copper Martini Glass.

The Lyres Aperitif Dry features distinct and contemporary flavours akin to dry vermouth. The Lyres Dry London captures the essence of a classic. It leaves a unique taste to keep the vibe in the room high.

Your employees will raise their drinks using the Copper Martini Glass. Its stemless design gives them the option to stir or shake their drinks.

The Blood Orange Hamper

Do you want something more energetic and full of zest? Then, try the Blood Orange Hamper and give your hardworking people an electrifying tap on the back.

The package has all the works:

  • Two Clinq Copper Stemless Glasses
  • Two bottles of Capi Blood Orange Soda
  • a bottle of Lyres Orange Sec
  • a bottle of Lyres Italian Orange drink

Complementing the drinks are a bottle of Mary Valley Food Co Dried Orange and a pack of Moreish Menu Meringue Bites.

The Italian flavours of the Orange Soda come from the best quality Sicilian blood oranges. They strike a balance between sweetness and bitterness. Best of all, they’re 100% natural.

The Mary Valley Dried Orange comes from the company’s family-owned farms in Sublime Orchard, Gilldora Grove, Amamoor, and Kenyana. Meanwhile, the Meringue Bites use organic Australian egg whites, Australian sugar and pure organic strawberries.

The Xmas Savoury Hamper

Looking for a corporate gift for Christmas? Try the Xmas Savoury Hamper. Your employees’ families will enjoy this drink during the holidays.

The package features a selection of sweet and spicy treats. It also includes a bottle of Altina La Vie En Rose sparkling non-alcoholic cocktail.

The set has a box of Verduijns Parmesan Wafers and a pack of Whisk & Pin Salted Cashews. The cashews combine pink salt flakes and rosemary for a French-inspired snack.

You also get a pack of Port Willunga Sundried Oranges. These come from fresh and dried Riverland oranges. Finally, capping the set is a Valley Produce Cracker Thins Black Pepper box.

Partner the premium water crackers with your favourite fine cheese. Like the gifts at Christmas, the contrasting flavours will come as a welcome surprise.

The Espresso Martini Cocktail Set Gift Hamper

Celebrate a successful year by gifting the Espresso Martini Cocktail Set Gift Hamper. This impressive gift set comes with items to turn your office into an espresso bar.

It comes with a bottle of Lyres Coffee Original that captures the essence of rich coffee liqueur. You also get a bottle of Lyres White Cane and a bottle of Lyres Spiced Cane. The latter comes with the flavours of spiced rum crafted in a non-alcoholic blend.

Add a drop or two of Tasteology Vanilla Bean Syrup to your cocktails, coffee, and desserts for an extra kick.

The gift set also has a pack of Kangaroo Island Honey Coated Popcorn. In addition, it features a sweet honey coating coming from Ligurian Bee Honey.

The package comes with a Clinq Cocktail Tool Set for mixing drinks. Completing the set is a Clinq Shaker for mixing your employees’ unique concoctions.

The Gourmet Savoury Gift Hamper

Give the Gourmet Savoury Gift Hamper to your team that loves a smorgasbord of flavours. The set comes with a G for George Roasted Capsicum Tapenade. Complementing it is a pack of Moreish Menu Lavosh Shards Szechuan Pepper flakes.

The flakes combine Organic Australian roller-milled flour, Organic Extra VCO, Organic Szechuan peppercorns, and organic Chinese five-spice powder.

Dip your flakes in a bottle of Random Harvest Australian Quince Paste. You also get a pack of Port Willunga Fine Foods Sun Dried Apples and a bag of Whisk & Pin Spiced Nuts 50.

Of course, the gift set will be incomplete without a bottle of Altina Light Me Up sparkling beverage.

The Benefits of Giving Corporate Presents

Giving corporate gifts can help workers in many ways. Rewarding your team will motivate them to work harder. Physical gifts like employee hampers can positively impact a worker’s general mood.

They also promote more engagements between bosses and workers. As a result, employees feel more valued whenever they receive a holiday or end-of-year gift. In turn, they’ll strive to do better in the coming year.

Employees who work harder will reflect better customer satisfaction. You’ll also reduce employee turnover and increase your company’s bottom line.

Giving gifts is also an effective way of keeping your workers happy. Finally, they’ll have something to enjoy and look forward to with their colleagues and families.

The key is to add a personal touch to the gifts. You can customise the boxes by printing their names on the side. In addition, you can add exclusive cards with congratulatory words.

Find the Best Corporate Presents Today!

Giving corporate presents will help your business in many ways. You can forge stronger bonds with your employees and boost their happiness and productivity.

If you’re searching for the best employee gifts this year, you don’t need to go anywhere else. We offer responsible corporate gifts for all kinds of companies.

Check out our catalogue to view our offerings. You can also contact us to learn more about our bespoke and customisation services.