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The Best Alcohol-Free Gift Hampers For Any Occasion

The average Australian spends around $437 per year on gifts for their spouse or partner. When combined with gift buying for other acquaintances, spending increases to about $1200 per annum. How do you make sure your money is spent on gifts people love?

One way is to purchase a hamper. If you are looking for gifts for all occasions, read on as we give our guide on the best alcohol-free gift hampers. 

Blood Orange Hamper

Of all the alcohol-free gift hampers in the catalogue, this one manages to pack the most refreshment into one box. Everything you need to create the perfect mocktail is included, along with some delightful sweet treats to enjoy. 

Inside reside two alcohol-free spirits by Lyre's: Italian Orange and Triple Sec liqueurs. Mixers come from a Capri Blood Orange Soda. Pour it over ice into the two Clinq Copper Stemless Glasses, then garnished with a  Mary Valley Food Co Dried Orange. 

Chosen to complement the orange zing, the Strawberry Meringue Bites are a taste sensation. Created by boutique maker Moreish Menu, you won't be able to resist eating the whole box in one sitting. 

Gourmet Cooking Hamper

This hamper is ideal for anyone who likes gourmet cooking or adding a unique touch to their BBQ. It combines several high-quality implements with some excellent condiments and ingredients. 

Red Hot Sauce comes courtesy of The Fermentalists. Purveyors of all-natural hot sauces, this is sure to add bags of flavour while providing a spicy kick. Casale Paradiso Porcini Risotto Rice is provided for an easy gourmet meal. 

The rest of the hamper is made from the perfect seasoning package. Tasteology Garlic Salt, Olive Oil and Black Pepper can bring the dullest meals to life. Finally, a deep and rich Caramelised Balsamic from Random Harvest rounds the hamper off for your side salads. 

The Grazing Hamper

Our carefully curated Grazing Hamper is an excellent pairing for evening dining on the best cheeses. To get started, an Exquisite Atelier Cheese Board, Clinq Cheese Knife and Black Tea Towel let you serve in style. 

From here, your cheese can be accompanied by an exceptional Random Harvest Quince Paste and Spiced Pear Paste. Add these to cheese, then lay them on top of the Parmesan Wafers or Quince and Almond Crisps. 

As a side, serve up thick, crispy bread with the Port Willunga Dukka box. You don't need wine to enjoy the delights in here. This thick, Middle Eastern blend of herbs, nuts and spices is perfect for dipping. 

Self Care Gift Hamper

Not all non-alcoholic gift hampers have to include food. Some can let you relax the body and mind. For example, our Self Care Hamper is packed with goods for a quick pamper session. 

The Havlu Hand and Face Towel are incredibly soft, so you can stay hygienic by using your own towels in hotel rooms. Along with that comes twin Lovebyt Bamboo Toothbrushes. 

Peppermint Botanical Mouthwash, Charcoal and Mint Botanical Toothpaste and Dental Floss keep the mouth fresh and revitalised. A thoughtful gift hamper, it is perfect for all occasions. The ideal balance of lotions and towels to take with you for anyone who is constantly on the move. 

Laundry Hamper

This Laundry Hamper is one of the best unique gift ideas around. No one likes washing, but with this set, household chores become a pleasure and treat. If someone moves to a new home, you couldn't gift a better present. 

A range of delightful, period feature tools is included. An Eco Max Large Brush with a Plant and Prosper Sisal Brush is ideal for scrubbing. When combined with the Lab and Co Laundry Wash and Fabric Conditioner, your clothing will be crisp and fresh without the use of harsh detergents. 

Morgan and Taylor Stainless Steel pegs let you hang your clothes out in style. You can then light the tea lights, sit back and cross the job off your list in the A5 notebook. 

Pamper Hamper for Him

Gift hampers in Australia are not just for the female of the species. Guys often need a pamper session as well, and you can provide it with our Pamper Hamper for Him. It contains a perfect blend of delicious treats and washes. 

Popcorn Crunch is a blend of peanuts and popcorn in crunchy toffee. A Hutswood Brushed Chrome Candle can create the ambience to accompany this stolen moment. 

For a revitalising bath or shower, three items are included. All are created by Nektar Australia, handcrafted luxury inspired by nature. Cedarwood, leather and mandarin combine in a handsoap, cleanser and hydrating balm. 

Serenity Self Care Hamper

The Serenity Self Care hamper is packed with gifts created by al.ive. This Australian company concentrates on sustainability and natural ingredients. 

For a revitalising bath or shower, there are three items. Nektar Australia created it, handcrafted luxury inspired by nature. Cedarwood, leather and mandarin combine in a handsoap, cleanser and hydrating balm. 

Ordering Gift Hampers

Now you know the great gift hampers on offer. You just need to select the right one. Each can come with a personalised card containing your chosen heartfelt message. We even have express shipping options for those last-minute dispatches. 

Fruitful Hampers have gifts for all occasions, including birthdays, Christmas and Mother's Day. With national delivery options and secure payment, you can trust our service. Click here to see our whole range of gift hampers.