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Host Responsibility: The Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

If you're planning a party or looking for a housewarming gift for a friend, you're likely looking at the wine aisle for inspiration. While alcohol is appropriate for parties and gifts, not everyone drinks it. So why not offer a drink that looks like alcohol and goes excellent in "mocktails" but doesn't contain alcohol? 

Non-alcoholic drinks are great for any gathering or gift. Anyone can drink them.

Are you not convinced? Let's talk about it. Then, read on to learn a few tip reasons to serve non-alcoholic drinks at your next event.

They're Appropriate for Parties With Children

If you're planning a party or event that will include children, it's best to avoid having too much alcohol around. Not only do you have to worry about children getting their hands on alcohol, but you also have to make sure that adults are staying responsible.

Having an alcoholic beverage at a party that includes children isn't necessarily a problem. Still, you should also have non-alcoholic drinks so parents and caregivers can switch over after that first drink without resorting to water or soda. 

Keep in mind that non-alcoholic beverages from an alcohol-free hamper may not be the best for the children at the party (who should instead stick to water, soda, and juice), but they're great for adults who are watching over them. 

Be a good example for the children in your life by serving non-alcoholic beverages at your next gathering. 

They're Great Any Time of Day

Sure, day-drinking on vacation is common, but it's not a great option when you're not on vacation. It can lead to bad habits and get in the way of your day-to-day responsibilities. 

If you're having lunch with a friend or doing a "work party" in the middle of the day, it's best to stick with non-alcoholic beverages. Then, you and your guests will be able to get back to your responsibilities with ease.

You also don't have to worry about driving home after drinking. It's perfectly safe to drive after drinking non-alcoholic beverages. 

They're Good for Religious Guests

Did you know that some religions condemn the consumption of alcohol?

While most religious people (and people in general) have no religious restrictions regarding alcohol, this isn't true across the board. For example, people who practise Islam, Hinduism, certain sects of Christianity, Sikhism, and several other religions must abstain. 

Instead of leaving these people out of your party or asking them to bring their drinks, have non-alcoholic beverages available, so they don't have to feel left out. 

They're Appropriate for Pregnant Guests (And Baby Showers!)

People who are pregnant cannot safely consume alcoholic drinks. This is because they pose a risk to the developing fetus. But that doesn't mean they should have to be left out of gatherings and parties!

By having non-alcoholic beverage options, you're ensuring that there's something acceptable for your pregnant guests to drink. 

Bonus: these beverages are great for baby showers. While many pregnant people allow alcohol at baby showers for their guests, having non-alcoholic drinks will ensure no one feels left out.

They're Appropriate for Former Alcoholics

People who used to be addicted to alcohol cannot safely consume alcohol post-recovery. It's easy to relapse, so these people usually live lives of sobriety. 

When your party only includes basic non-alcoholic drinks like juice and soda, the former alcoholic may feel left out. However, with specialty non-alcoholic beverages, like the ones in our hampers, they can still enjoy a drink without breaking their sobriety. 

They're Safe for People on Medication

Some medications don't mix well with alcohol, especially mental health medications. People who take antipsychotics, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medications usually shouldn't drink alcoholic beverages (or if they do drink, it should be in moderation).

Drinking while on medication can be dangerous, especially if the person plans on driving home. Alcohol can combine with the medication to make the person feel drowsier or less inhibited than they would otherwise. 

By providing non-alcoholic drinks, you're offering something to your friends on medications that don't play well with alcohol. 

They Allow Non-Drinking Guests to Blend In

One of the top benefits of no-alcohol drinks is that no one has to stand out if they're not drinking.

Many people don't want to explain why they're not drinking. Whether they're recovering from alcohol addiction, too early in their pregnancy to share the big news, or unwilling to share that they're on psychiatric medication, there's no reason that they have to admit this at a fun gathering.

With specialty non-alcoholic drinks, no one has to know that they're not drinking alcohol. It doesn't matter if they're choosing not to drink for no reason or they have an important reason. They can blend in. 

They're Better for You 

It's no surprise that alcohol isn't good for you. It's a poison that happens to be fun to drink. 

Non-alcoholic drinks may still have sugar, but they won't dehydrate you or impact your liver in the same way that alcoholic beverages will. So if you hate hangovers or have something active to do the next day, it makes more sense to opt for a non-alcoholic drink at your gathering. 

It's Always Good to Have Options

All good hosts have plenty of food and drink options for their guests. So why wouldn't you want to include alcohol-free drinks? 

Whether your guests want to drink them as-is or use them as cocktail ingredients or mixers, they'll be grateful for the variety.

Have You Stocked Up on Non-Alcoholic Drinks? 

Whether you're planning a party or looking for a gift for a friend who doesn't imbibe, alcohol-free drinks are a fantastic option. There's no reason that all parties have to serve alcohol exclusively! Instead, you can have a tasty drink that will leave you clear-headed and feeling great.

Are you looking for alcohol-free drinks for yourself or a friend? Our non-alcoholic hampers make fantastic gifts or party starters. Order yours today.