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Why Non-Alcoholic Gifts Make the Perfect Gift Hamper

Did you know that sales of alcohol-free drinks are on the rise in Australia?

From 0% beers to mocktails, you can find alcohol-free options on pretty much every menu these days! But have you ever thought about treating someone to alcohol-free goodies as part of a gift hamper?

It might seem unconventional to hand out drinks that don't contain alcohol as a present, but it's a great idea! If you're not convinced, we've got the lowdown right here.

Read on to discover why non-alcoholic gifts make the perfect gift hamper.

You're Not Making a Judgement Call

If you're giving a gourmet gift hamper to someone you don't know very well, be it, someone who's coming to stay in your guesthouse or a client of your company, you might not know if they drink alcohol. Rather than making that call yourself, why not avoid the risk altogether? If someone has a previous alcohol problem, you could prevent putting them in danger of relapse or offending them.

By giving non-alcoholic hampers, you're showing the recipient that you've thought about their needs. Even if they drink alcohol, they'll understand why you chose not to include it.

Create a Hamper For Everyone

Not everyone can drink alcohol. Whether they're on medication, pregnant, or simply don't like to drink, including it in your hamper automatically means it's inappropriate for many people. 

However, the beauty of alcohol-free drinks is that they're for everyone - absolutely everyone! So when you opt for a non-alcoholic holiday gift hamper, like this exquisite Blood Orange Hamper, you can be confident knowing that everyone can enjoy it.

It is good to note that non-alcoholic drinks still aren't wise for minors. The issue is that they may spark an interest in alcohol even though they contain none.

Everyone Will Feel Included

The best gift hampers in Australia are ones that are thoughtful and considerate.

Often, if you don't drink alcohol, you can feel a little bit left out. You may feel like you're outside of the social world and a lone wolf, all because you don't drink. Rather than making these feelings worse by gifting them alcohol, give them non-alcoholic drinks, and they'll feel included and appreciated.

You're showing them you recognise and respect their life choices by doing this. You're also making it easier for them to join in at future events by giving them a delicious, non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy!

Encourage a Healthier Lifestyle

Whether the person you're buying for drinks alcohol or not, opting for non-alcoholic gift ideas is a great way to promote healthy living! This is especially important if you're a brand giving gifts to your clients. 

There are tons of benefits to non-alcoholic drinks. Non-alcoholic wine, for example, can lower the risk of heart disease and is a powerful source of antioxidants. The benefits of not drinking alcohol are huge, too, helping people take care of their livers, kidneys, and hearts.

By handing out hampers without alcohol, you're showing people that you care about their health and encouraging a more beneficial lifestyle.

Create an Exquisite Gift Hamper Full of Treats

If you're looking for gift hampers in Australia, you'll notice a lot of those that contain alcohol usually revolve around the drink of choice. If there are beers, there might also be jerky, peanuts and typical foods that pair well with beer or are favourites amongst beer drinkers. If it's wine, you might find cheese and grapes, and whiskey is often paired with fine foods.

But if you opt for non-alcoholic drinks, you can play around with your contents a little more. Alcohol-free beverages complement a wide range of other treats, and you don't have to stick to a theme.

It doesn't just have to be food, either! Any alcohol-free drink will fit perfectly into a self-care package, promoting some time out for wellness without incorporating an unhealthy drink.

Don't Disappoint Your Recipient

Finding something in your hamper that you can't have is always disappointing. It's a waste of money for you, too. The recipient will either have to give away the alcohol or pour it down the drain, both of which are a hassle and not what you intended for your gift.

By offering an alcohol-free hamper, you avoid the risk of disappointment, and your gift is more likely to be a big success! Even alcohol drinkers enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage sometimes.

Offer Something Unique

Although alcohol-free drinks are on the rise, they're still nowhere near as common as alcoholic drinks. Give someone a bottle of wine, and they won't be too intrigued. They've tried it before, even if not the same bottle, and it's a relatively normal present.

But give someone an alcohol-free cocktail kit or 0% beer, and the gift gets a whole lot more interesting! For someone who hasn't tried non-alcohol drinks before, it's a unique and fun gift that encourages them to experiment. In terms of what they'll remember, a non-alcoholic bottle of whiskey or martini set is much more likely to stick in their minds.

Find Plenty of Non-Alcoholic Gifts at Fruitful Hampers

There are many reasons to give non-alcoholic gifts in your hampers, especially if you don't know the recipient very well (or at all!). So if you're on the hunt for a gorgeous hamper full of indulgent treats, browse our selection at Fruitful Hampers.

We have a wide range of alcohol-free choices, from hampers to create 0% espresso martinis to selections of savoury snacks accompanied by a luxurious alcohol-free sparkling cocktail. So take a peek at the full range to see what's on offer, and keep everyone happy with your hamper!